JANUARY 3, 1924


Born November 4, 1874, in Yucatan, Felipe Carrillo Puerto was of Maya background.  During the Caste War, he was imprisoned for urging Mayas to tear down fences built by landowners around community lands.  As a journalist, he began publishing El Heraldo de Motul.  In 1913, he joined Emiliano Zapata’s army in the mountains.  In 1922, after being elected Governor of the Yucatan, he took the oath of office in the Maya language.  During his term, Carrillo Puerto, a Socialist, initiated land reform, returned large estates to the native Maya, promoted new farming techniques, granted women political rights, began family planning programs, promoted education, fought against alcoholism, conserved and restored Maya archaeological sites, and founded what is now the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán.  He did not support the rebellion against President Alvaro Obregon.  When captured by rebel army officers, he was tried and executed by a firing squad along with three of his brothers and eight of their friends. 

Sources:  Robert D. Temple, “The Yucatan Governor Who Empowered Women,” Yucatan Times, 11/8/2017.  Retrieved 6/5/2019,  http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2017/10/the-yucatan-governor-who-empowered-women/“Felipe Carrillo Puerto,” Up Closed.  Retrieved 6/5/2019, https://upclosed.com/people/felipe-carrillo-puerto/
Photo:  Tatehuari, circa 1918. Archivo General de la Nación (12/31/1917).  Public domain where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

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