• OCTOBER 1, 1962
    INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS (IAIA) OPENS The IAIA was co-founded by Lloyd Kiva New & Dr. George Boyce in 1962 with funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and based upon the … Continue reading “OCTOBER 1, 1962”
  • OCTOBER 2, 1895
    HAWAIIAN PRINCESS VIRGINIA KAPO’OLOKU PO’OMAIKELANI DIED—GOVERNOR OF THE ISLAND OF HAWAII Born at Piʻihonua, Hilo, on Hawaiʻi Island on April 7, 1839, she was the daughter of a princess from Kauaʻi & the High Chief of … Continue reading “OCTOBER 2, 1895”
  • OCTOBER 3, 1864
    HAWAIIAN OFFICIAL LEVI HA’ALELEA DIED Born circa 1822 in Lahaina, Maui, Levi’s father was Governor of the island of Molokai; his half-brother was secretary to Kamehameha III and envoy of the Kingdom.  His Hawaiian name meant “Man … Continue reading “OCTOBER 3, 1864”
  • OCTOBER 4, 1888
    CHA-ME (LUCY TAYIAH EADS) BORN—1ST FEMALE TRIBAL CHIEF OF THE KAW NATION Born near Beaver Creek, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), her Kaw name meant “Little Deer.” Her father was Kaw; her … Continue reading “OCTOBER 4, 1888”
  • OCTOBER 5, 1955
    TUSCARORA NHL PLAYER STAN JONATHAN BORN Hailing from the Six Nations’ Reserve in Oshweken, near Brantford, Ontario, Stan worked on the high steel during summers as a teen.  He was playing … Continue reading “OCTOBER 5, 1955”
  • OCTOBER 6, 649
    REPUTED—MAYAN KING (CALAKMUL) YUKNOOM YICH’AAK K’AHK BORN A Maya king of the Kaan kingdom with its capital at Calakmul, his name meant “Jaguar Paw Smoke.”  While he acceded to the throne at age 36, he may have … Continue reading “OCTOBER 6, 649”
  • OCTOBER 7, 1816
    MOHAWK ONWANONSYSHON (GEORGE JOHNSON) BORN– HEREDITARY CHIEF Born at Bow Park, near Brantford, Ontario, son of Chief John “Smoke” Johnson, his Mohawk name meant “Lord of the Great House.”  In 1838, Anglican … Continue reading “OCTOBER 7, 1816”
  • OCTOBER 8, 2013
    TLINGIT ELDER & LEADER KAA KATLIN (ELLEN HOPE HAYS) DIED Born on December 29, 1927, in Sitka, Alaska, her Tlingit name meant “Raven Looking Forward.”  In 1966, Ellen became the first … Continue reading “OCTOBER 8, 2013”
  • OCTOBER 9, 1965
    MEXICAN REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL JUAN ANDREU ALMAZAN DIED Born on May 12, 1891, in Olinalá, State of Guerrero, Almazan claimed Aztec descent from Moctezuma I.  In 1907, he opposed dictator Porfirio Díaz.  Working … Continue reading “OCTOBER 9, 1965”
  • OCTOBER 10, 2019
    PACIFIC NORTHWEST TRIBES & FIRST NATIONS DECLARE SALMON EMERGENCY Tribal representatives from Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington state sounded the alarm over threats posed to wild salmon across state and … Continue reading “OCTOBER 10, 2019”
  • OCTOBER 11, 1869
    RIEL AND MÉTIS CONFRONT SURVEYORS—RED RIVER RESISTANCE BEGINS In March 1869, Canada bought the vast Rupert’s Land tract–northern Quebec & Ontario (ON) and most of the prairie provinces–from Hudson’s Bay Company. … Continue reading “OCTOBER 11, 1869”
  • OCTOBER 12, 1913
    ALUTIIQ BENNY BENSON BORN–DESIGNED ALASKAN FLAG Born in Chignik, Alaska, his Alutiiq-Russian mother died when he was 3.  His father sent his children to orphanages: His sister to Oregon; Benny & … Continue reading “OCTOBER 12, 1913”
  • OCTOBER 13, 1874
    BLACK SEMINOLE ADAM PAINE AWARDED MEDAL OF HONOR (MOH) FOR BATTLE OF PALO DURO CANYON Born near Alachua, Florida, in 1843, his family was moved to Indian Territory but, fearing slavery, … Continue reading “OCTOBER 13, 1874”
  • OCTOBER 14, 1880
    APACHE LEADER BIDU-YA (VICTORIO) KILLED Born circa 1825 in what is now New Mexico, Victorio was raised among the Chihenne Apache.  His sister was famous woman warrior Lozen.  In his 20s, he … Continue reading “OCTOBER 14, 1880”
  • OCTOBER 15, 1899
    LAKOTA NUN/NURSE SUSAN BORDEAUX (REV. MOTHER MARY ANTHONY) DIED In the mid-1890s, Roman Catholic Father Francis Craft founded the Congregation of American Indian Sisters.  By 1898, the Order had only 4 … Continue reading “OCTOBER 15, 1899”
  • OCTOBER 16, 1923
    KWAKIUTL HENRY HUNT BORN—MASTER TOTEM WOODCARVER Born in Fort Rupert, British Columbia (B.C.), Henry worked as a fisherman and logger, but moved to Victoria, B.C., to assist his father-in-law, noted Kwakiutl carver Mungo … Continue reading “OCTOBER 16, 1923”
  • OCTOBER 17, 1931
    OJIBWE WABUN-ININI (VERNON BELLECOURT) BORN– AIM ACTIVIST Born on Earth Indian Reservation, Minnesota, his family moved to Minneapolis.  Vernon ran a salon business in St. Paul but, by the mid 1960s … Continue reading “OCTOBER 17, 1931”
  • OCTOBER 18, 1966
    FIRST MEETING OF THE ALASKA FEDERATION OF NATIVES (AFN) The AFN was the first statewide group organized to advocate for Native land claims.  It was organized largely in response to the … Continue reading “OCTOBER 18, 1966”
  • OCTOBER 19, 1780
    BATTLE OF KLOCK’S FIELD–BRITISH, MOHAWK AND SENECA LOSE TO ALBANY MILITIA & ONEIDAS In October 1780, Britain’s Sir John Johnson attacked the Schoharie Valley.  After defeating Colonel John Brown’s militiamen at … Continue reading “OCTOBER 19, 1780”
  • OCTOBER 20, 2012
    UNANGEN BASKET WEAVER MARIA TURNPAUGH DIED Born in Unalaska in 1927, her grandfather was a chief and a warden in the Russian Orthodox church.  She learned the Aleut language (Unangam Tunuu) … Continue reading “OCTOBER 20, 2012”
  • OCTOBER 21, 1938
    CHEROKEE WIN BLEVINS BORN—AWARD-WINNING WESTERN WRITER Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Win attended school in St. Louis, Missouri, received a master’s degree from Columbia University and graduated from the University of Southern California … Continue reading “OCTOBER 21, 1938”
  • OCTOBER 22, 1925
    EDITH KAWELOHOA KAPULE McKENZIE BORN–HAWAIIAN GENEALOGIST & LIVING TREASURE Born in Honolulu, Edith grew up in a musical family.  Encouraged by her aunt, she began formal hula training at age 12 … Continue reading “OCTOBER 22, 1925”
  • OCTOBER 23, 1929
    HAIDA DELORES CHURCHILL BORN—MASTER BASKET WEAVER Born in Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada (now Haida Gwaii).  She attended residential schools that forced her to speak English in place of her native tongue.  Delores … Continue reading “OCTOBER 23, 1929”
  • OCTOBER 24, 1939
    LAGUNA PUEBLO PAULA GUNN ALLEN BORN—NOTED POET, NOVELIST Born in Albuquerque of Laguna Pueblo heritage, Paula earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Oregon and her doctorate in … Continue reading “OCTOBER 24, 1939”
  • OCTOBER 25, 1785
    TONGVA MEDICINE WOMAN TOYPURINA SPEARHEADS MISSION REVOLT Born to the Kumivit tribe near Mission San Gabriel, Toypurina’s tribe became known as the Gabrielino (today, the Tongva) people.  The Mission, established in 1771, … Continue reading “OCTOBER 25, 1785”
  • OCTOBER 26, 1882
    U. S. NAVY BOMBARDS TLINGIT VILLAGE OF ANGOON In 1879, administration of Alaska was transferred from the U.S. Army to the U.S. Navy.   On October 22, 1882, a Tlingit shaman named Til’tlein working on … Continue reading “OCTOBER 26, 1882”
  • OCTOBER 27, 1940
    WACCAMAW-SIOUX CHIEF & ACTIVIST PRISCILLA FREEMAN JACOBS BORN Jacobs was born near Ricefield, North Carolina.  While some counties funded separate schools for Indians, hers did not until her grandfather convinced the county … Continue reading “OCTOBER 27, 1940”
  • OCTOBER 28, 1901
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN CLARISSA (“HILO HATTIE”) HAILI BORN—SINGER & COMEDIAN Born in Honolulu, Clara began entertaining while teaching elementary school in 1923.  In 1935, Don McDiarmid Sr. and Johnny Noble wrote the song When Hilo … Continue reading “OCTOBER 28, 1901”
  • OCTOBER 29, 2005
    HAWAII DECLARES “SAMUEL MANAIAKALANI KAMAKAU DAY” Born October 29, 1815, in Mokulēia, Waialua, Oʻahu, Samuel attended Lahainaluna Seminary, on Maui, where he learned to collect & preserve Hawaiian culture, language, and history.  In 1841, Kamakau helped form … Continue reading “OCTOBER 29, 2005”
  • OCTOBER 30, 1917
    CREE OLYMPIAN RUNNER ALEX DECOTEAU KILLED IN ACTION Born on November 19, 1887, on the Red Pheasant Indian Reserve in Battleford, Saskatchewan, Alex attended day school on the reserve and then … Continue reading “OCTOBER 30, 1917”
  • OCTOBER 31, 1952
    MENOMINEE-POTOWATOME GERALD R. HAWPETOSS BORN– MOCASSIN & REGALIA MAKER Born in 1952, in Neopit, Wisconsin, at age 8, Gerald went to live with his great-aunt and great-uncle who taught him tribal … Continue reading “OCTOBER 31, 1952”
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