JULY 2022

  • JULY 1, 1960
    STATUS & REGISTERED NATIVES GET RIGHT TO VOTE IN CANADIAN FEDERAL ELECTIONS In March 1960, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker pushed the voting rights legislation through Parliament.  It came into effect July 1 that … Continue reading “JULY 1, 1960”
  • JULY 2, 1950
    SALISH LEE MARACLE BORN–FEMINIST POET & AUTHOR, MEMBER OF THE ORDER OF CANADA Born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, of Métis & Salish parents, her works focus on Indigenous identity for … Continue reading “JULY 2, 1950”
  • JULY 3, 1899
    “KING” BENNIE NAWAHI BORN– NATIVE HAWAIIAN LAP STEEL GUITAR MASTER Born in Honolulu, Bennie taught himself slack key guitar.  By 15, he played in parks for tourists.  In 1919, he played … Continue reading “JULY 3, 1899”
  • JULY 4, 1871
    TSIMSHIAN ACTIVIST PETER SIMPSON BORN–FATHER OF THE LAND CLAIMS ACT While some differ on birth year (1871 or 1864), Simpson held he was born on July 4, in Lax Kw’alaams, British … Continue reading “JULY 4, 1871”
  • JULY 5, 2011
    CREE ACTOR GORDON TOOTOOSIS DIED Born October 25, 1941, on Poundmaker Reserve, near Cutknife, Saskatchewan (SK), Tootoosis was a cowboy and champion Calf & Team Roper.  He toured the Americas with … Continue reading “JULY 5, 2011”
  • JULY 6, 1930
    OJIBWE GEORGE EDWARD “CHIEF” ARMSTRONG BORN– NHL HALL OF FAME STAR Born in Skead, Ontario, Armstrong grew up in nearby Sudbury.  The Toronto Maple Leafs discovered him playing with the Copper … Continue reading “JULY 6, 1930”
  • JULY 7, 1898
    PRESIDENT MCKINLEY SIGNS NEWLANDS RESOLUTION ANNEXING HAWAII Hawaii was formally annexed by the Newlands Resolution, a Congressional-executive agreement method requiring only a majority vote in both houses.  Passing Congress on July … Continue reading “JULY 7, 1898”
  • JULY 8, 1931
    CHEROKEE-QUAPAW HONGANOZHE (LOUIS W. BALLARD) BORN—FAMED COMPOSER Born on the Quapaw reserve in Oklahoma, Louis’ name meant “Stands with Eagles.”  A high school musician, athlete & scholar, his Bachelors & Masters … Continue reading “JULY 8, 1931”
  • JULY 9, 1901
    YAQUI RESISTANCE LEADER TETABIATE (JUAN WASWECHIA BELTRAN) KILLED Tetabiate, whose Yaqui name meant “Rolling Stone,” was born in Belem, Sonora, Mexico.  He was a follower of Cajemé who led the resistance … Continue reading “JULY 9, 1901”
  • JULY 10, 2004
    PASSAMAQUODDY NOTED BASKETMAKER MARY MITCHELL GABRIEL DIED Born November 12, 1908, in the Passamaquoddy Indian Township of Princeton, Maine, her mother and grandmother were dedicated basket makers.  Her father built birch-bark … Continue reading “JULY 10, 2004”
  • JULY 11, 1942
    INUIT ARTIST PITALOOSIE SAILA BORN—MEMBER, ROYAL CANADIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS Born on the coast of Baffin Island near Cape Dorset, Saila’s childhood was spent in various hospitals due to tuberculosis.  She … Continue reading “JULY 11, 1942”
  • JULY 12, 1630
    DUTCH BUY WHAT BECOMES ELLIS ISLAND Located in the upper New York Bay, a short distance from the New Jersey shore, Ellis Island was originally known to American Indians as Kioshk, … Continue reading “JULY 12, 1630”
  • JULY 13, 1893
    LEPER WAR ON KAUA’I ENDS IN A STALEMATE Also known as the Ko’olau Rebellion, it followed efforts by the government to enforce an 1865 Act to stop the spread of Leprosy by forcibly relocating lepers … Continue reading “JULY 13, 1893”
  • JULY 14, 1837
    BEGINNINGS OF THE 1837 SMALLPOX EPIDEMIC Smallpox epidemics of 1781 & 1801 forced the Mandans, Hidatsas, and Arikaras to the mouth of the Knife River.  Fort Clark, a major fur-trading post, … Continue reading “JULY 14, 1837”
  • JULY 15, 2019
    PBS KIDS® PREMIERS MOLLY OF DINALI® Molly of Dinali, a PBS KIDS® series produced by WGBH Boston, became the first nationally distributed children’s series to feature a Native American lead character.  The … Continue reading “JULY 15, 2019”
  • JULY 16, 1972
    HAWAIIAN KEALI’I BLAISDELL BORN– SLACK KEY GUITARIST, ATTORNEY & ACTIVIST Born in Honolulu and descended from Laeanuikaumanamana, the High Priest of Liloa, E. Keali’i-kaleo-o-laeanuikaumanamana VIII Aken started playing the ukulele at … Continue reading “JULY 16, 1972”
  • JULY 17, 1855
    TSIMSHIAN ODILLE MORISON BORN–LINGUIST Born in the Tsimshian village of Lax Kw’alaams, then known as Fort or Port Simpson, Odille was the daughter of a Tsimshian traditional healer & midwife and … Continue reading “JULY 17, 1855”
  • JULY 18, 1954
    OJIBWE AL HACKNER BORN– HALL OF FAME CURLER Born in Nipigon, Ontario, Hackner is a member of the Red Rock Indian band.  His greatest curling successes were playing for Northern Ontario … Continue reading “JULY 18, 1954”
  • JULY 19, 1924
    NAPALPI MASSACRE-PARAGUAYAN TOBA MURDERED BY POLICE & RANCHERS In the 1870s, to stop Chilean expansion into the Patagonian Desert, Argentina engaged in the bloody “Conquest of Chaco” military campaign to subjugate … Continue reading “JULY 19, 1924”
  • JULY 20, 1948
    MÉTIS ROBERT “BOB” BOYER BORN—EDUCATOR & PAINTER Born at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (SK), Boyer’s Bachelor’s degree was from University of SK (SKU), Regina (1971).  He taught art & drama at Prince … Continue reading “JULY 20, 1948”
  • JULY 21, 2011
    KOOTENAI CHAIRWOMAN AMELIA “AMY” CUTSACK TRICE DIED—DECLARED WAR ON THE U.S. Born on April 26, 1936, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Trice grew up in an empoverished Kootenai community.  As tribal enrollment … Continue reading “JULY 21, 2011”
  • JULY 22, 1967
    INUIT-CREE GOODIAROOK (IRENE BEDARD) BORN–GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATED ACTRESS Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Bedard, whose Inuit name means “Someone Who Dropped,” is also of Cree ancestry.  After high school, she … Continue reading “JULY 22, 1967”
  • JULY 23, 1962
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN DANCER SINGER KINI “JENNIE” KAPAHU WILSON DIED Ana Kini Kapahukulaokamāmalu Kuululani McColgan Huhu was born in Honolulu, March 4, 1872.  She became the hānai daughter of a childless woman … Continue reading “JULY 23, 1962”
  • JULY 24, 1899
    SALISH GESWANOUTH SLAHOOT (CHIEF DAN GEORGE) BORN—NOTED FILM & STAGE ACTOR Of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, a Salish tribe in Burrard Inlet, N. Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Dan’s tribal name was anglicized … Continue reading “JULY 24, 1899”
  • JULY 25, 1939
    MEXICAN FLORENTINA LOPEZ DE JESUS BORN—AWARD-WINNING AMUZGO WEAVER Born in Xochislahuaca, State of Guerrero, Mexico, “Tina,” like most Amuzgo girls, learned to weave cotton garments by watching her mother.  She began … Continue reading “JULY 25, 1939”
  • JULY 26, 1932
    NAVAJO RUDOLPH CARL “R.C.” GORMAN BORN—FAMED PAINTER Born in Chinle, Arizona, his father, also named Carl, was a noted Navajo painter and code talker during WWII.  Gorman’s grandmother taught him Navajo … Continue reading “JULY 26, 1932”
  • JULY 27, 1827
    OSAGE MOHONGO (SACRED SUN) & OTHERS ARRIVE IN FRANCE At age 18, Sacred Sun and 4 other Osage members traveled to France with David Delauney.  Arriving in Le Havre, they were … Continue reading “JULY 27, 1827”
  • JULY 28, 2001
    QUECHA ALEJANDRO TOLEDO BECOMES 1ST PERUVIAN INDIGENOUS PRESIDENT Born March 28, 1946, in Cabana, Peru, Toledo, son of Quechuan farmers, grew up in Chimbote.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree at Univ. … Continue reading “JULY 28, 2001”
  • JULY 29, 1968
    AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT (AIM) FORMED BY STUDENTS IN MINNESOTA Formed at 1212 Plymouth Avenue, Minneapolis, 86 American Indians, mostly women and children showed up for its first meeting.  Founded by Clyde … Continue reading “JULY 29, 1968”
  • JULY 30, 2005
    CANADIAN OJIBWE ARTIST CARL BEAM DIED Born May 24, 1943, in West Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario (now M’Chigeeng First Nation), Beam attended the Kootenay School of Art before graduating from University … Continue reading “JULY 30, 2005”
  • JULY 31, 1957
    MINOMINEE O’PEQTAW-METAMOH (INGRID WASHINAWATOK EL-ISSA) BORN–SLAIN HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST Born in Kenesha, Wisconsin, her name meant “Flying Eagle Woman.”  She worked with multiple organizations on behalf of indigenous culture, women’s rights, … Continue reading “JULY 31, 1957”
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