JULY 2023

  • JULY 1, 1971
    CANADA ANNOUNCES CREATION OF MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY The Museum of Anthropology (originally, Museum for Aboriginal Artifacts) at the University of British Columbia (UBC), designed by Arthur Erickson, is a 66 000 … Continue reading “JULY 1, 1971”
  • JULY 2, 1690
    BATTLES OF RIVIERE DES PLAINS/COULEE GROU: FRENCH-IROQOUIS (BEAVER) WARS During King William’s War (the latter end of the French-Iroquois, or Beaver, Wars), English settlers along the Atlantic coastline were allied with … Continue reading “JULY 2, 1690”
  • JULY 3, 1907
    DELAWARE LINGUIST WEÈNCHIPAHKIHËLÈXKWE (NORA THOMPSON DEAN) BOR Dean was born on the Delaware Reservation, at Glen Oak, Oklahoma (OK). Her Lenape name meant “Touching Leaves Woman.” A full-blood Delaware, Nora dedicated … Continue reading “JULY 3, 1907”
  • JULY 4, 1844
    AFRICAN-OJIBWE SCULPTOR MARY EDMONIA LEWIS BORN Lewis, born in Rensselaer, New York, of African-American and Mississauga Ojibwe heritage,* was raised by maternal aunts who lived near Niagara Falls and sold Ojibwe … Continue reading “JULY 4, 1844”
  • JULY 5, 465
    MAYAN AJAW AHKAL MO’ NAHB I REPUTEDLY BORN Also known as Chaacal and Akul Anab I, he was an Ajaw (chief) of the Maya city of Palenque ruling from June 5, 501 AD to his death on November … Continue reading “JULY 5, 465”
  • JULY 6, 2021
    INUK NINGIUKUDLUK (MARY SIMON) NAMED CANADA’S FIRST INDIGENOUS GOVERNOR GENERAL Born August 21, 1947, in Kangisualuujjuaq, Quebec (QC), Mary has worked to further Inuit rights since the 1970s starting with the … Continue reading “JULY 6, 2021”
  • JULY 7, 1967
    CREE ACTRESS/VOICE ACTRESS/MUSICIAN CREE SUMMER BORN Cree Summer Francks was born in Los Angeles, but grew up on the Red Pheasant Reserve in Saskatchewan, in British Columbia, and in Toronto where … Continue reading “JULY 7, 1967”
  • JULY 8, 1871
    KIOWA SATANTA & ADOEETTE FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER IN A TEXAS STATE COURT Satanta (“White Bear”) & Adoeette (“Big Tree”) were both born in present-day Oklahoma, circa 1820 & 1845, respectively. … Continue reading “JULY 8, 1871”
  • JULY 9, 1755
    FRENCH AND NATIVE AMERICAN ALLIES ROUT BRITISH AT BATTLE OF MONONGAHELA After Britain’s 1754 failure to capture Fort Duquesne early in the French-Indian War, General Edward Braddock, with aide-de-camp Colonel George … Continue reading “JULY 9, 1755”
  • JULY 10, 1985
    NANOIA THOMPSON STARTS VOYAGE OF REDISCOVERY FROM HAWAII Born in Honolulu, Charles Nanoia Thompson, a descendant of Kamehameha I’s harbor pilots, graduated from Punahao School and was working odd jobs when he saw … Continue reading “JULY 10, 1985”
  • JULY 11, 1916
    TLINGIT-TAGISH PACKER KEISH (SKOOKUM JIM MASON) DIED—DISCOVERED KLONDIKE GOLD Keish was born in 1855 in Tagish, near Lake Bennett, Yukon. His father was Tlingit; his mother, Tagish. As a young man … Continue reading “JULY 11, 1916”
  • JULY 12, 1850
    BLACK SEMINOLES JOHN HORSE & COACOOCHEE & KICKAPOO CROSS RIO GRANDE Born in Florida circa 1812, Horse, a Seminole slave of African American, Indigenous & Spanish descent, became a subchief during … Continue reading “JULY 12, 1850”
  • JULY 13, 1929
    ANISHINAABE (OJIBWE) WRITER/STORYTELLER BASIL H. JOHNSTON BORN Basil, born on Wasauksing First Nation (FN), near Parry Sound, Ontario (ON), was raised at Neyaashiinigmiing FN. In 1939, Basil attended St. Peter Claver’s School, a Jesuit-run residential school in … Continue reading “JULY 13, 1929”
  • JULY 15, 1937
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN UKELELE KING LOUIS KEOULI THOMPSON DIED Born in Honolulu on April 22, 1882, Louis attended the Kamehameha School. By 1903, he was already in the United States performing under the … Continue reading “JULY 15, 1937”
  • JULY 16, 1927
    BATTLE OF OCATAL—U.S. MARINES DEFEAT SANDINISTAS In May of 1927, Nicaragua’s conservative government asked President Calvin Coolidge for U.S. intervention in that nation’s civil war. Coolidge sent 400 U.S. Marines. After … Continue reading “JULY 16, 1927”
  • JULY 17, 1987
    MOHAWK LACROSSE STAR CODY JAMIESON BORN Cody, born on Six Nations (SN) of Grand Reserve, Ontario, began Junior League Box Lacrosse in 2002. In 2007, he led the SN Arrows to … Continue reading “JULY 17, 1987”
  • JULY 18, 1857
    OAHU GOVERNOR JOHN KEONI’ANA YOUNG DIED Born March 12, 1810, in Kawaihae, on the island of Hawai’i, Young was son of Kaʻōanaʻeha, niece of Kamehameha I. He grew up as a … Continue reading “JULY 18, 1857”
  • JULY 19, 1964
    COHOKIA MOUNDS DESIGNATED NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK Located in Illinois, east of the Mississippi River & St. Louis, Missouri, Cohokia Mounds are the pre-eminent example of a cultural, religious & economic center … Continue reading “JULY 19, 1964”
  • JULY 20, 1936
    SAC AND FOX ACTOR & HEREDITARY CHIEF SAGINAW GRANT BORN Grant, born in Pawnee, Oklahoma (OK), was raised in Cushing, OK. A member & hereditary chief of the Sac and Fox … Continue reading “JULY 20, 1936”
  • JULY 21, 658
    REPUTED—MAYAN AJAW (CARACOL) K’AN II DIED Born on April 18, 588, K’an II (also Ruler V, Lord Stormwater Moon & Antenna Top II) was a Maya ruler of Caracol (in present-day Belize). He reigned from AD 618 to … Continue reading “JULY 21, 658”
  • JULY 22, 1790
    INDIAN NONINTERCOURSE ACT OF 1790 The Indian Trade and Intercourse Act of 1790 was the first Federal law to regulate trade between Native Americans and colonists. Specifically, the Act established that … Continue reading “JULY 22, 1790”
  • JULY 23, 1923
    SḴWX̱WÚ7MESH ÚXWUMIXW (SQUAMISH NATION) AMALGAMATION In the 19th century, missionaries and Canadian government officials created a puppet government for Squamish bands under the Indian Act in furtherance of eventual assimilation of Indigenous peoples. … Continue reading “JULY 23, 1923”
  • JULY 24, 1994
    PUEBLO POTTER HELEN CORDERO DIED Born June 15, 1915, at Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico (NM), Helen first learned leatherwork but switched to making pottery due to cost. Unhappy with her bowls … Continue reading “JULY 24, 1994”
  • JULY 25, 1968
    CHICKASAW CLASSICAL COMPOSER JEROD IMPICHCHAACHAAHA’ TATE BORN From Norman, Oklahoma (OK), Jerod’s Chickasaw middle name, Impichchaachaaha’, means “high corncrib.” Tate earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music from Northwestern University & Masters from … Continue reading “JULY 25, 1968”
  • JULY 26, 2001
    NAVAJO CODE TALKERS HONORED AT WHITE HOUSE WITH CONGRESSIONAL MEDALS OF HONOR America honored 21 Native Americans who used their native language to relay messages that turned the course of battle … Continue reading “JULY 26, 2001”
  • JULY 27, 1794
    KEKĀULUOHI BORN–QUEEN CONSORT & KUHINA NUI OF HAWAII Kekāuluohi, also known as Kaʻahumanu III, was daughter of High Chief Kalaʻimamahu (half-brother of Kamehameha I) & Kalākua Kaheiheimālie of Maui (also a wife of Kamehameha I). Kekāuluohi means “the … Continue reading “JULY 27, 1794”
  • JULY 28, 2017
    ALEUT ELARY GROMOFF DIED–1ST NATIVE ALASKAN WEST POINT GRADUATE Gromoff was born on St. Paul Island, Alaska, on June 7, 1949.  He was his class valedictorian at Mt. Edgecumbe High School. … Continue reading “JULY 28, 2017”
  • JULY 29, 1905
    CATAWBA POTTER GEORGIA HARRIS BORN Georgia, born in Lancaster County, South Carolina, near the Catawba Indian Reservation, attended the Catawba School on the Reservation. She learned pottery at age 9 from her … Continue reading “JULY 29, 1905”
  • JULY 30, 1889
    1ST WILCOX REBELLION-TO REPLACE BAYONET CONSTITUTION-FAILS Born in 1855, Robert W. Wilcox, whose mother was Native Hawaiian, was a student in Italy when the Bayonet Revolution of 1887 forced him to … Continue reading “JULY 30, 1889”
  • JULY 31, 1725
    CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES IN DUMMER’S WAR Also known as Father Rale’s War & 4TH Anglo-Abenaki War [the preceding 3 wars: King Philip’s, King William’s & Queen Anne’s Wars], this was a 3-year (1722-25) … Continue reading “JULY 31, 1725”
  • JULY 14, 1952
    INUPIAT LEGISLATOR/MAYOR REGGIE JOULE BORN Joule, born in Nome, Alaska (AK), and raised by maternal grandparents, graduated from the University of AK (UA) Fairbanks. A World Eskimo Indian Olympian & former … Continue reading “JULY 14, 1952”
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