MARCH 2023

  • MARCH 1, 1920
    CHICKASAW LTCOL RAYMOND HARVEY BORN—KOREAN WAR MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT Born in Sulphur, Oklahoma (OK), Harvey enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1939. During World War II, he was cited … Continue reading “MARCH 1, 1920”
  • MARCH 2, 1906
    INUIT ARTIST JESSIE OONARK BORN Oonark, born in Back River in what is now Nunavut, was of the Utkusiksalingmiut, a semi-nomadic people who fished and hunted caribou. Caribou decline in … Continue reading “MARCH 2, 1906”
  • MARCH 3, 1944
    ALBERTA SCHENCK’S ACT OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE LEADS TO ALASKA’S ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ACT OF 1945 Born June 1, 1928, in Nome, Alaska, of Inupiat heritage, Alberta played a key role in the … Continue reading “MARCH 3, 1944”
  • MARCH 4, 1940
    INUPIAQ NELLIE COURNOYEA BORN– NORTHWEST TERRITORIES PREMIER Born in Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT), Cournoyea attended an Aboriginal residential school, but ran away after a confrontation with a teacher. Nellie started her career … Continue reading “MARCH 4, 1940”
  • MARCH 5, 1770
    WAMPANOAG CRISPUS ATTUCKS KILLED AT BOSTON MASSACRE Born circa 1723, in Framingham, Massachusetts, Crispus’ father is generally accepted as having been from Africa and a slave to a Colonel Buckminster … Continue reading “MARCH 5, 1770”
  • MARCH 6, 2019
    ALASKAN LEGISLATURE CITATION HONORS FIVE DECEASED TLINGIT WWII CODE TALKERS The citation, for exemplary military service & for the crucial role of the Code Talkers in World War II, went … Continue reading “MARCH 6, 2019”
  • MARCH 7, 1848
    THE GREAT MĀHELE—HAWAIIAN LAND REDISTRIBUTION–ENDS Traditionally, land in Hawai’i was owned by the gods and had never been sold. Further, the 1840 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, which established a constitutional monarchy, … Continue reading “MARCH 7, 1848”
  • MARCH 8, 1782
    GNADENHUTTEN (MORAVIAN) MASSACRE OF LENAPE (DELAWARE) BY COLONIALS In 1772, Moravian missionaries founded two missions for American Indians in the Ohio Country, at Schoenbrunn and at Gnadenhutten. During the American … Continue reading “MARCH 8, 1782”
  • MARCH 9, 2005
    CROW LEADER PAULINE “WHITE MAN RUNS HIM” SMALL DIED Born November 30, 1924, in Lodge Grass, Montana, on the Crow Reservation, Pauline was the granddaughter of the famed Crow scout, … Continue reading “MARCH 9, 2005”
  • MARCH 10, 1861
    MOHAWK POET TEKAHIONWAKE (EMILY PAULINE JOHNSON) BORN Pauline, born at Chiefswood, Six Nations Reserve, Brantford, Ontario, great-granddaughter of Tekahionwake (Jacob Johnson) & granddaughter of John “Smoke” Johnson, attended Brantford Collegiate Institute. … Continue reading “MARCH 10, 1861”
  • MARCH 11, 1972
    CHEROKEE BASEBALL HALL OF FAME PLAYER ZACHARIAH “ZACH” WHEAT DIED Born May 23, 1888, near Hamilton, Missouri, Zack was one of three sons, all of whom played professional baseball. His … Continue reading “MARCH 11, 1972”
  • MARCH 12, 1999
    CREE NEUROSCIENTIST/SENATOR LILLIAN EVA DYCK RECEIVES INDSPIRE AWARD Born August 24, 1945, in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Lillian is a member of the Gordon Cree First Nation and a first generation … Continue reading “MARCH 12, 1999”
  • MARCH 13, 1982
    RIO NEGRO MASSACRES:  GUATEMALAN ARMY KILLS 177 ACHI IN XOCOC During the 1970s energy crisis, the Guatemalan government created the state-owned National Institute of Electrification (INDE). In 1975, INDE unveiled … Continue reading “MARCH 13, 1982”
  • MARCH 14, 1879
    CANADA’S “DAVIN REPORT” ON INDUSTRIAL BOARDING SCHOOLS ISSUED—LEADS TO RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SYSTEM After the passage of the first Indian Act in 1876, the federal government focused on Indian education. In … Continue reading “MARCH 14, 1879”
  • MARCH 15, 1952
    MEXICAN GENERAL/OFFICIAL JOAQUÍN AMARO DOMÍNGUEZ DIED Born on August 16, 1889, at Corrales de Abrego, Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Amaro was of Indigenous ancestry. With the Mexican Revolution in 1911, he joined … Continue reading “MARCH 15, 1952”
  • MARCH 16, 1916
    SALISH BEADWORKER/REGALIAMAKER OSHANEE CULLOOYAH (AGNES KENMILLE) BORN Kenmille, born near Arlee, Montana (MT), through her mother was a descendant of Chief Charlo’s band of Salish. Agnes did her first beadwork … Continue reading “MARCH 16, 1916”
  • MARCH 17, 1876
    BATTLE OF POWDER RIVER STARTS THE GREAT SIOUX WAR OF 1876 The 1874 discovery of Black Hills gold caused the U.S. to try and buy the Black Hills. Lakota & … Continue reading “MARCH 17, 1876”
  • MARCH 18, 1845
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN UNION ARMY PRIVATE HENRY HO’OLULU PITMAN BORN Henry, born, in Hilo, was the son of High Chiefess Kinoʻole-o-Liliha (Kinoʻole) of Hilo, daughter of Hoʻolulu, a famous chief in … Continue reading “MARCH 18, 1845”
  • MARCH 19, 1890
    AFRICAN-AMERICAN & NARRAGANSETT SCULPTOR NANCY ELIZABETH PROPHET BORN Prophet, born in Warwick, Rhode Island (RI), attended RI School of Design and, in 1918, became its 1st graduate of color. Facing … Continue reading “MARCH 19, 1890”
  • MARCH 20, 2010
    TOHONO O’ODHAM BASKETMAKER TERROL DEW JOHNSON ENDS 2-YR “WALK HOME” From Sells, Arizona, Johnson, an award-winning weaver, is an advocate for healthy foods. In 1996, he became Co-Founder of Tohono … Continue reading “MARCH 20, 2010”
  • MARCH 21, 1887
    HAWAI’I & SĀMOA ENTER POLYNESIAN CONFEDERATION TREATY-PROMPTS TAKEOVER BY AMERICANS After the British took control of Fiji in 1874, only 3 major island groups remained independent in the Pacific: Tonga, … Continue reading “MARCH 21, 1887”
  • MARCH 22, 1863
    MUSCOGEE CHIEF OPOTHLEYAHOLA DIED Born c. 1780, Opothleyahola, by 1820, was speaker for the Council of Upper Creeks (mostly full bloods holding to traditional culture. While many Lower Creeks who … Continue reading “MARCH 22, 1863”
  • MARCH 23, 1847
    CHOCTAW NATION SENDS MONEY TO HELP IRISH FAMINE RELIEF When Choctaw newspapers informed their readers of the Irish Potato Famine, many Choctaw reportedly cried. An advertisement solicited donations from the … Continue reading “MARCH 23, 1847”
  • MARCH 24, 1954
    INUIT BROADCASTER, LEADER ROSEMARIE ESTHER KUPTANA BORN Kuptana, born in Sachs Harbor, Northwest Territories (NWT), became active in Inuit organizations in 1975 as the Inuit & Canada first discussed Inuit … Continue reading “MARCH 24, 1954”
  • MARCH 25, 1951
    SHÚTAO’TINE DENE ETHEL DOROTHY BLONDIN-ANDREW BORN—1st ABORIGINAL PARLIAMENT MEMBER Born in Tulita, Northwest Territories (NWT), Ethel fled Inuvik’s residential school and suffered tuberculosis as a child. Graduating from the University … Continue reading “MARCH 25, 1951”
  • MARCH 26, 1947
    MAJOR LEAGUE PITCHER JIM BLUEJACKET DIED-WON A GAME WITHOUT THROWING A PITCH Born William L. Smith, in Adair, Indian Territory, July 8, 1887, his mother was either of Shawnee or … Continue reading “MARCH 26, 1947”
  • MARCH 27, 1993
    LENCA BERTA ISABEL CÁCERES FLORES ESTABLISHES COUNCIL OF POPULAR & INDIGENOUS ORGANIZATIONS OF HONDURAS (COPINH) Born March 4, 1971, in La Esperanza, Honduras, Cáceres grew up an activist. In 1993, … Continue reading “MARCH 27, 1993”
  • MARCH 28, 1947
    SAULTEAUX ARTIST AND EDUCATOR ROBERT HOULE BORN Houle, born in St. Boniface, Manitoba (MB), attended residential schools before earning a Bachelor’s in Art History from University of MB (1972), attending the Salzburg International Summer … Continue reading “MARCH 28, 1947”
  • MARCH 29, 1972
    CITY OF SEATTLE & UNITED INDIANS OF ALL TRIBES AGREE TO 99-YEAR LEASE OF FT. LAWTON On March 8, 1970, Colville Bernie Whitebear led American Indian activists [later known as … Continue reading “MARCH 29, 1972”
  • MARCH 30, 1867
    RUSSIA CEDES ALASKA TO THE UNITED STATES FOR $7.2MILLION—FURTHER DISENFRANCHISES NATIVE ALASKANS Russia laid claim to Alaska’s coastlines in the 1770s where it forced the Unungan, or Aleut, people into … Continue reading “MARCH 30, 1867”
  • MARCH 31, 1972
    CHOCTAW-CHEROKEE PAINTER SCULPTOR JEFFREY A. GIBSON BORN Gibson, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, earned Fine Arts degrees from Art Institute of Chicago (Bachelors, 1995) & Royal College of Art (Masters, 1998). Notable … Continue reading “MARCH 31, 1972”
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