MAY 2022

  • MAY 1, 2007
    UNANIMOUS HOUSE OF COMMONS CALLS FOR OFFICIAL APOLOGY TO FORMER INDIGENOUS STUDENTS OF RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS Survivors speaking about their suffering in Canada’s residential schools and pressing for reparations caused churches to … Continue reading “MAY 1, 2007”
  • MAY 2, 1885
    BATTLE OF CUT KNIFE–CREE & ASSINIBOINE DEFEAT CANADIAN MILITIA In early 1885, the Métis in the District of Saskatchewan formed a provisional government under Louis Riel, taking control of the area … Continue reading “MAY 2, 1885”
  • MAY 3, 682
    REPUTED—MAYAN AJAW (TIKAL) JASAW CHAN K’AWIIL I ACCEDES TO THRONE Also known as Ruler A, Ah Cacao and Sky Rain, became ajaw of the Maya city of Tikal (in present Guatemala) … Continue reading “MAY 3, 682”
  • MAY 4, 1930
    LAKOTA DORIS LEADER CHARGE BORN—LINGUIST, ACTRESS, EDUCATOR Born on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota, Doris attended a boarding school and St. Mary’s School for Girls.  After raising six children, she … Continue reading “MAY 4, 1930”
  • MAY 5, 1875
    KIOWA HIGH CHIEF TENE-ANGOP’TE (KICKING BIRD) DIED Born circa 1835, known also as “Striking Eagle,” Kicking Bird, of Crow and Kiowa ancestry, became leader of the Kiowa “peace faction” in 1866.  … Continue reading “MAY 5, 1875”
  • MAY 6, 1536
    INCA BEGIN 10-MONTH SIEGE OF CUZCO After the Battle of Cajamarca (1532), victorious conquistador leader, Francisco Pizarro, had his prisoner, Atahuallpa—king and god of the Inca–garroted.  In late 1533, Pizarro captured … Continue reading “MAY 6, 1536”
  • MAY 7, 1763
    PONTIAC’S REBELLION BEGINS WITH SIEGE OF FT. DETROIT With the end of the French and Indian War in February 1763, lands formerly controlled by the French came under British control.  Indians … Continue reading “MAY 7, 1763”
  • MAY 8, 1937
    BERNARD CLEARY BORN–1ST INNU HOUSE OF COMMONS MEMBER Born in Mashteuiatsh, Innu Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation reserve in the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region, Quebec, Cleary was a businessman, chief negotiator, journalist, news director at Télé-Capitale, and professor of … Continue reading “MAY 8, 1937”
  • MAY 9, 1846
    MODOC REVENGE ATTACK LEADS TO KLAMATH LAKE MASSACRE General John C. Frémont and Scout Kit Carson were among the first known explorers from the United States to go through the Modoc … Continue reading “MAY 9, 1846”
  • MAY 10, 1991
    MUSCOGEE POET WOTKOCE (LOUIS OLIVER) DIED Born in Coweta, Indian Territory, on April 9, 1904, his Creek name meant “Little Coon.”  After finishing high school, Oliver graduated from Bacone College in … Continue reading “MAY 10, 1991”
  • MAY 11, 1969
    INUIT ARTIST ANNIE POOTOOGOOK BORN Born in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Annie was from a family of noted Inuit artists.  She began making art at age 28.  Her chosen medium was pen … Continue reading “MAY 11, 1969”
  • MAY 12, 1953
    MLB PITCHER ED SUMMERS OF KICKAPOO HERITAGE DIED—PITCHED 2 SHUTOUTS IN ONE DAY Oron Edgar “Kickapoo Ed” Summers was born in Ladoga, Indiana, December 5, 1882.  He attended Wabash College in 1903 … Continue reading “MAY 12, 1953”
  • MAY 13, 1933
    HA’HL YEE (DOREEN JENSEN) BORN– GIXTAN CARVER & EDUCATOR Born in Kispoix, British Columbia, Doreen learned the Gixtan oral history, language, songs, and customs from her family.  After residential school and … Continue reading “MAY 13, 1933”
  • MAY 14, 1918
    EYAK LINGUIST MARIE SMITH JONES BORN–LAST FULL-BLOOD EYAK Born in Cordova, Alaska, Jones grew up on Eyak Lake.  Many of her siblings died young when smallpox and influenza tore through the … Continue reading “MAY 14, 1918”
  • MAY 15, 1911
    CANADA APPROVES AMENDMENT TO THE INDIAN ACT PERMITTING DISPLACEMENT First passed in 1876 and still in force with amendments, the Indian Act is the primary document which defines how the Government … Continue reading “MAY 15, 1911”
  • MAY 16, 1990
    DANIEL AKAKA SWORN INTO OFFICE–FIRST NATIVE HAWAIIAN U.S. SENATOR Born in Honolulu on September 11, 1924, Akaka, after attending the Kamehameha School for Boys, entered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. serving from 1943 … Continue reading “MAY 16, 1990”
  • MAY 17, 2013
    RED SUCKER FIRST NATION CANADIAN OFFICIAL ELIJAH HARPER DIED Born March 3, 1949, in northeast Manitoba, Harper studied at University of Manitoba (1971-72).  In 1978, he became chief of the Red … Continue reading “MAY 17, 2013”
  • MAY 18, 1895
    NICARAGUAN MISKITO REVOLUTIONARY LEADER CÉSAR AUGUSTO SANDINO BORN   Also called Augusto César Sandino, he was born in Niquinohomo, Masaya Department, Nicaragua.  In July 1912, Sandino witnessed an intervention of U.S. troops in Nicaragua to … Continue reading “MAY 18, 1895”
  • MAY 19, 1930
    “THE SILENT ENEMY,” FILM WITH ALL NATIVE CAST, OPENS ON BROADWAY The Silent Enemy, shot in the Temagami region of Ontario, was an American silent film focused on an Ojibway Indian’s … Continue reading “MAY 19, 1930”
  • MAY 20, 1959
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN ISRAEL “IZ” KAMAKAWIWO’OLE BORN—FAMED UKELELE MUSICIAN Born in Honolulu, “Iz” began playing music by age 10.  In Makaha, he and brother Skippy formed the Makaha Sons of Niʻihau which … Continue reading “MAY 20, 1959”
  • MAY 21, 1887
    AKAY-NA-MUKA (JAMES GLADSTONE) BORN—FIRST NATIVE CANADIAN SENATOR Born at Mountain Hill, Northwest Territories, Gladstone, whose Blackfoot name meant “Many Guns,” grew up on the Kainai (Blood) Reserve in Alberta.  While the … Continue reading “MAY 21, 1887”
  • MAY 22, 2016
    MEXICAN OTOMI-HNANHU PAINTER SCULPTOR JOSÉ LUIS ROMO MARTÍN DIED Born April 19, 1954, in Valle de Mezquital in the Mexican State of Hidalgo, in central Mexico, Romo was of Otomi-Hnanhu heritage.  … Continue reading “MAY 22, 2016”
  • MAY 23, 2003
    YANKTON ACTIVIST HAI-MECHA EUNKA (MARIA PEARSON) DIED Born July 12, 1932, in Springfield, South Dakota, her Yankton name meant “Running Mocassins.”  Maria attended public and parochial schools, but was also educated … Continue reading “MAY 23, 2003”
  • MAY 24, 1883
    CARLISLE BAND CROSSES BROOKLYN BRIDGE ON OPENING DATE Led by 15-year-old Luther Standing Bear, who would become a renowned Ogalala Lakota chief, author, and educator, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School Band … Continue reading “MAY 24, 1883”
  • MAY 25, 1981
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN LOGAN TOM BORN—FAMED COLLEGE, PRO & OLYMPIC VOLLEYBALL PLAYER Born in Napa, California, but raised in Utah, Tom set Utah high school records for killshots.  Also All-state in basketball, … Continue reading “MAY 25, 1981”
  • MAY 26, 2003
    MOHAWK LACROSSE GREAT ROSS POWLESS DIED Born September 29, 1926, on the Six Nations Grand River Reserve, Ontario, Ross went to residential school in Hamilton.  Though working as a carpentry foreman, … Continue reading “MAY 26, 2003”
  • MAY 27, 1968
    U.S. SUPREME COURT DECIDES IN FAVOR OF MENOMINEE TRIBE HUNTING & FISHING RIGHTS Menominee Tribe v. United States, a landmark decision, allowed the tribe to retain historical hunting and fishing (H&F) … Continue reading “MAY 27, 1968”
  • MAY 28, 1887
    SAC-AND-FOX WA-HO-THUCK (JIM THORPE) BORN–LEGENDARY ATHLETE, OLYMPIAN Born in Prague, Oklahoma, Thorpe’s name meant “Bright Path.  At Carlisle Indian School, he ran track and played football. He was an All-American running … Continue reading “MAY 28, 1887”
  • MAY 29, 1983
    INUPIAQ ADA BLACKJACK DIED–MAROONED OFF SIBERIA FOR TWO YEARS IN THE 1920S Born in Solomon, Alaska, May 10, 1898, Ada was hired in 1921 as a seamstress with a 4-man expedition … Continue reading “MAY 29, 1983”
  • MAY 30, 1929
    CHOCTAW SGT1 TONY K. BURRIS BORN–KOREAN MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER Born in Blanchard, Oklahoma, Tony’s family scraped a living as sharecroppers and later as farmers.  He graduated from Blanchard High School … Continue reading “MAY 30, 1929”
  • MAY 31, 2019
    ALASKA RECOGNIZES AHTNA ATHABASCAN LEADER WITH “KATIE JOHN DAY” Born in 1915 near Slana, Alaska, Katie grew up in Baltzulneta.  She learned English at age 14.  Marrying and moving to Mentasta … Continue reading “MAY 31, 2019”
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