JUNE 2021

  • JUNE 1, 1928
    INUPIAT CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST ALBERTA SCHENCK ADAMS BORN Born inNome, Alaska, of Inupiat heritage, Alberta was a key player in the passage of Alaska’s Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945.  In 1944, Alberta, … Continue reading “JUNE 1, 1928”
  • JUNE 2, 1924
    INDIAN CITIZENSHIP ACT SIGNED INTO LAW BY PRESIDENT CALVIN COOLIDGE The Indian Citizenship Act (1924 Act) granted full birthright citizenship for all American Indians.  Under the Constitution’s Article I, “Indians not … Continue reading “JUNE 2, 1924”
  • JUNE 3, 1861
    MEXICAN LAWYER/SCIENTIST/DIPLOMAT MELCHOR OCAMPO DIED Born January 5, 1814, in Maravatío, Michoacán, Ocampo was Mestizo.  When Manuel Gómez Pedraza became president of Mexico in 1844, he appointed Ocampo Governor of Michoacán.  … Continue reading “JUNE 3, 1861”
  • JUNE 4, 1472
    ACOLHUA POET ARCHITECT NEZAHUALCOYOTL DIED Born about April 28, 1402 in Texcoco, northeast of Tenochtitlan, his name meant ”The Hungry Coyote.”  He was 16 when his father, Ixtlilxochitl I, ruler of … Continue reading “JUNE 4, 1472”
  • JUNE 5, 2014
    CHEROKEE ATTORNEY KEITH HARPER SWORN IN AS U.S. AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL Confirmed in 2014 as U.S. Representative to the U.N. Human Rights Council, Keith Harper became … Continue reading “JUNE 5, 2014”
  • JUNE 6, 1925
    NAVAJO CODE TALKER/TRIBAL VICE PRESIDENT FRANK CHEE WILLETO BORN Frank was born and raised in Crownpoint, Arizona.  He enlisted in the U.S. Marines 6th Division in January 1944 and received 8 … Continue reading “JUNE 6, 1925”
  • JUNE 7, 1839
    KAMEHAMEHA III SIGNS HAWAIIAN DECLARATION OF RIGHTS (HAWAIIAN MAGNA CARTA) Traditionally, the Hawaiian Islands were ruled based upon a system of common law consisting of ancient kapu (taboos) and the traditional … Continue reading “JUNE 7, 1839”
  • JUNE 8, 1985
    MÉTIS MODEL/ENTREPRENEUR BLANCHE BRILLON MACDONALD DIED Born on May 11, 1931, in Faust, Alberta, Blanche was influenced by her Cree-speaking grandmother.  A model before opening her own modeling agency in 1960, … Continue reading “JUNE 8, 1985”
  • JUNE 9, 1643
    IROQUOIS STAGE FIRST ATTACK ON MONTREAL Following nearby attacks on Algonquin traders in May, a group of forty Iroquois saw a group of 60 unarmed Huron coming down river in 13 … Continue reading “JUNE 9, 1643”
  • JUNE 10, 1996
    COBELL V. BABBITT FILED: HANDLING OF TRUST FUNDS Ultimately entitled Cobell v. Salazar, this class-action lawsuit was brought in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by Elouise Cobell … Continue reading “JUNE 10, 1996”
  • JUNE 11, 1971
    ALCATRAZ OCCUPATION ENDS After a 19-month occupation, Federal Marshalls removed the last occupiers from the former Federal prison.  On November 9, 1969, about fifty Native Americans, calling themselves the “Indians of … Continue reading “JUNE 11, 1971”
  • JUNE 12, 1902
    OJIBWE ENMEGAHBOWH (JOHN JOHNSON)-1ST NATIVE AMERICAN EPISCOPALIAN PRIEST IN THE UNITED STATES-DIED Born around 1820, Johnson, whose Ojibwe name meant “He That Prays Standing,” was the first Native American to be … Continue reading “JUNE 12, 1902”
  • JUNE 13, 1996
    GUATEMALA RATIFIES UNITED NATIONS PACT ON TRIBAL PEOPLES In Geneva, Switzerland, Guatemala’s Minister of Labour formally received notice of International Labour Organization’s acceptance of Guatemala’s decision to ratify the ILO Convention … Continue reading “JUNE 13, 1996”
  • JUNE 14, 1925
    HAWAIIAN SWIMMER DUKE KAHANAMOKU SAVES EIGHT LIVES ON HIS SURF BOARD Kahanamoku and other surfers noticed the 40-foot yacht Thelma in trouble trying to enter Newport Harbor at Corona del Mar, … Continue reading “JUNE 14, 1925”
  • JUNE 15, 1919
    VAN T. BARFOOT, WORLD WAR II MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER, BORN Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Van T. Barfoot, whose grandmother was Choctaw, was born in Edinburg, Mississippi.  While not enrolled … Continue reading “JUNE 15, 1919”
  • JUNE 16, 1829
    CHIRICAHUA APACHE LEADER GERONIMO REPUTEDLY BORN ON THIS DATE Born in No-Doyohn Canyon, Mexico, Geronimo led 4 raiding parties by the age of 17.  While away, Mexican soldiers killed his mother, … Continue reading “JUNE 16, 1829”
  • JUNE 17, 1865
    DR. SUSAN LA FLESCHE PICOTTE, FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN PHYSICIAN, BORN Dr. La Flesche Picotte was born on the Omaha Reservation in eastern Nebraska.  Her father, Joseph La Flesche, named “Iron Eye,” … Continue reading “JUNE 17, 1865”
  • JUNE 18, 1868
    NAVAJO LEAVE FORT SUMNER ON “LONG WALK HOME” On this date, the Navajo left the Bosque Redondo reservation in eastern New Mexico on a 300-mile trek called the “Long Walk Home.” … Continue reading “JUNE 18, 1868”
  • JUNE 19, 1929
    TLINGIT EDUCATION HEALTH ADVOCATE CHUU SHAH (ELAINE ABRAHAM) BORN Born in Yakutat, Alaska, Elaine’s first language was Tlingit.  Likely the first Tlingit registered nurse, she helped create the Southeast Health Aide … Continue reading “JUNE 19, 1929”
  • JUNE 20, 1919
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN ETHNOBOTANIST ISABELLA KAUAKEA YAU YUNG AIONA ABBOTT BORN Born in Hana, Maui, Isabella, whose Hawaiian name meant “White Rain of Hana,” received her PhD in botany from the Univ. … Continue reading “JUNE 20, 1919”
  • JUNE 21, 1996
    CANADA DECLARES NATIONAL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY (ORIGINALLY NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY)  National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day for recognizing and celebrating the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of its Aboriginal … Continue reading “JUNE 21, 1996”
  • JUNE 22, 1988
    SESSION GUITARIST JESSE ED DAVIS DIED Born September 21, 1944, in Norman, Oklahoma, Davis was of Creek and Seminole ancestry on his father’s side and Kiowa heritage on his mother’s side.  … Continue reading “JUNE 22, 1988”
  • JUNE 23, 1865
    CHEROKEE BRIGADIER GENERAL STAND WATIE SIGNS CEASE FIRE–LAST CONFEDERATE GENERAL TO STOP FIGHTING. Born at Oothcaloga, Cherokee Nation, Georgia, on December 12, 1806, Stand Watie served as Speaker of the Cherokee … Continue reading “JUNE 23, 1865”
  • JUNE 24, 1610
    MI’KMAQ GRAND CHIEF HENRI MEMBERTOU FIRST NATIVE LEADER TO BE BAPTIZED. On Saint John the Baptist Day, Henri Membertou, Sagamo or Grand Chief of the Mi’kmaq tribe situated near Acadia in … Continue reading “JUNE 24, 1610”
  • JUNE 25, 1876
    CUSTER MASSACRE–BATTLE OF THE GREASY GRASS (LITTLE BIG HORN) In what is now Eastern Montana, near the Little Bighorn River, occurred the Battle of the Little Bighorn, known to the Native … Continue reading “JUNE 25, 1876”
  • JUNE 26, 2014
    CANADA’S SUPREME COURT FURTHER DEFINES ABORIGINAL RIGHTS IN ANCESTRAL LANDS Canada’s Supreme Court in Tsilhqot’in Nation v British Columbia (2014 SCC 44) unanimously issued a landmark ruling recognizing aboriginal rights in … Continue reading “JUNE 26, 2014”
  • JUNE 27, 1985
    “MAGNIFICENT SEVEN” TLINGIT ACTOR MARTIN SENSMEIER BORN Born in Anchorage, Alaska, but raised in Yakutat, Martin’s father is Tlingit and his mother is Koyukon–Athabascan.  He worked as a welder and later … Continue reading “JUNE 27, 1985”
  • JUNE 28, 1906
    HAWAIIAN LOYALIST POLITICIAN EDITOR JOHN E. BUSH DIED Born in Honolulu on February 15, 1842, Bush was of mixed Native Hawaiian and Caucasian descent.   King Kalākaua first appointed him Royal … Continue reading “JUNE 28, 1906”
  • JUNE 29, 1520
    AZTEC EMPEROR MOCTEZUMA II KILLED In November 1519, Hernán Cortés led 600 Spaniards from Mexico’s Gulf coast to the Aztec capital city, Tenochtitlan, where he took Moctezuma prisoner demanding gold as … Continue reading “JUNE 29, 1520”
  • JUNE 30, 1964
    LAKOTA TAMAKOCE TE’HILA (BILLY MILLS) OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL RUNNER BORN Born on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Mills’ Lakota name means “Loves His Country.”  Orphaned at 12, Billy attended … Continue reading “JUNE 30, 1964”
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