APRIL 2023

  • APRIL 1, 1999
    INUIT HELEN MAKSAGAK SWORN IN AS 1ST COMMISSIONER OF NUNAVUT Born on April 15, 1931, in Bernard Harbour, Northwest Territories (NWT), Helen went to school in Aklavik, NWT.  Moving with her … Continue reading “APRIL 1, 1999”
  • APRIL 2, 1875
    CREE HENRY BUDD DIED–FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN ORDAINED ANGLICAN PRIEST Born at Norway House 17, on the northern tip of Lake Winnipeg in what was then-Rupert’s Land, Henry attended a Hudson’s Bay … Continue reading “APRIL 2, 1875”
  • APRIL 3, 686
    MAYA KING YUKNOOM YICH’AAK K’AHK’ ASSUMES CROWN OF CALAKMUL Reputedly born October 6, 649, Yuknoom Yichʼaak Kʼahk’ formally succeeded his father, Yukoom the Great, on this date, but may have effectively … Continue reading “APRIL 3, 686”
  • APRIL 4, 1958
    OJIBWE TED NOLAN BORN–FORMER NHL PLAYER/COACH/PHILANTHROPIST Born on the Garden River First Nation in Ontario, Ted began junior hockey in 1975, first with Kenora then for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. … Continue reading “APRIL 4, 1958”
  • APRIL 5, 1884
    LAKOTA CHIEF KȞAŊǦÍ YÁTAPI (CROW KING) DIED—LED WARRIORS AT THE LITTLE BIG HORN Crow King (also known as “Medicine Bag That Burns,” “Burns The Medicine Bag,” or “Medicine Bag”) was a Hunkpapa … Continue reading “APRIL 5, 1884”
  • APRIL 6, 1946
    NANTICOKE JAMES YOUNG DEER DIED–1ST NATIVE AMERICAN FILM DIRECTOR James Y. Johnson, born April 1, 1876, in Washington, D.C., of Nanticoke heritage, served in the U.S. Navy during the Spanish-American War … Continue reading “APRIL 6, 1946”
  • APRIL 7, 1960
    KWAKIUTL MULTIMEDIA ARTIST DAVID A. NEEL BORN Neel, born in Vancouver, British Columbia, began as a professional photographer in the U.S. In Vancouver, in 1987, he took up traditional Kwakwaka’wakw art … Continue reading “APRIL 7, 1960”
  • APRIL 8, 1996
    CHEROKEE ACTOR BEN JOHNSON DIED Born June 13, 1918, on the Osage Reservation in Foraker, Oklahoma, Johnson’s mother was of Cherokee stock. A champion rodeo rider, Ben went to Hollywood in … Continue reading “APRIL 8, 1996”
  • APRIL 9, 1822
    GREENLAND INUIT PAINTER/STORYTELLER ARON OF KANGEQ BORN Aron was born in Kangeq, South Greenland, a mission station of the Moravian Brethren at the mouth of Godthåb Fjord. The Moravians generally did not use … Continue reading “APRIL 9, 1822”
  • APRIL 10, 1923
    INUPIAQ CIVIC LEADER/HISTORIAN JACOB AHWINONA BORN Jacob, born near White Mountain, Alaska, attended school there through the eighth grade. He moved to Nome to work for the U.S. Mining Company on … Continue reading “APRIL 10, 1923”
  • APRIL 11, 1831
    MASSACRE OF THE CHARRUA AT SALSIPUEDES The Charrua inhabited what is now Uruguay in the early 1500s. Some accounts say there were about 10,000 Charrua when the Spanish came, but numbers … Continue reading “APRIL 11, 1831”
  • APRIL 12, 1876
    CANADA ENACTS INDIAN ACT Upon its creation in 1867, Canada became responsible for Aboriginal affairs. The Indian Act provided the federal government with control over key aspects of Aboriginal life, e.g., … Continue reading “APRIL 12, 1876”
  • APRIL 13, 1933
    NORTHERN CHEYENNE SENATOR BEN NIGHTHORSE CAMPBELL BORN Campbell, born in Auburn, California, dropped out of high school, joined the U.S. Air Force (USAF), and served in the Korean War. After earning … Continue reading “APRIL 13, 1933”
  • APRIL 14, 1917
    HAWAIIAN CAPTAIN FRANCIS BROWN WAI BORN–WWII MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT Born in Honolulu, Wai’s mother was of Native Hawaiian ancestry. In high school, he played several sports & paddled for Duke … Continue reading “APRIL 14, 1917”
  • APRIL 15, 1883
    TLINGIT ETHNOLOGIST/ASSISTANT CURATOR STOOWUKÁA (LOUIS V. SHOTRIDGE) BORN Shotridge, born in Klukwan, Alaska, was from two prominent Tlingit families.  He met his future wife, Florence, while at high school in Haines, … Continue reading “APRIL 15, 1883”
  • APRIL 16, 1946
    NAVAJO/UTE NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTIST R. CARLOS NAKAI BORN Nakai, born in Flagstaff, Arizona (AZ), played in the marching band at Northern AZ University (NAU) before an auto accident in 1968 damaged … Continue reading “APRIL 16, 1946”
  • APRIL 17, 1979
    CADDO COLLEGE ALL-AMERICAN AND PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER LOUIS “RABBIT” WELLER DIED Born in Anadarko, Oklahoma, on March 2, 1904, Weller was a multi-sport athlete in high school. At Arkansas City Junior … Continue reading “APRIL 17, 1979”
  • APRIL 18, 1960
    CHINOOK CHRISTOPHER STEVENS BORN — LATE U.S. AMBASSADOR TO LIBYA Born in Grass Valley, California (Cal), Chris’s tribal enrollment was through his mother. An AFS Intercultural Programs high school exchange student in Spain … Continue reading “APRIL 18, 1960”
  • APRIL 19, 1981
    AMERICAN SAMOAN TROY POLAMALU BORN—PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAMER Born in Garden Grove, California (CA), Polamalu grew up in Tenmile, Oregon, with his aunt & uncle. In his 4 varsity football years … Continue reading “APRIL 19, 1981”
  • APRIL 20, 1863
    LAMALCHI WAR—HMS FORWARD FIRES ON LAMALCHI VILLAGE On April 20, 1863, the British gunship HMS Forward arrived at Kuper Island, in Lamalchi Bay, near Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There was a … Continue reading “APRIL 20, 1863”
  • APRIL 21, 2005
    INUIT ANN MEEKITJUK HANSON SWORN IN AS COMMISSIONER OF NUNAVUT Born May 22, 1946 in Qakutut, Northwest Territories (NWT), Hanson lived there & in Kimmirut, Baffin Island. Attending schools in Iqaluit, Baker Lake, … Continue reading “APRIL 21, 2005”
  • APRIL 22, 1897
    PENOBSCOT LOUIS SOCKALEXIS BECOMES FIRST MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPLAYER RECOGNIZED AS A NATIVE AMERICAN Born October 24, 1871, on the Penobscot reservation near Old Town, Maine, Sockalexis displayed incredible athletic talent in … Continue reading “APRIL 22, 1897”
  • APRIL 23, 1834
    EL SALVADOR NONUALCO REBEL LEADER ANASTAIO MARTIR AQUINO CAPTURED Born on April 15, 1792, in Santiago Nonualco, Aquino was a hereditary chief (Cadillo). In 1823, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua & … Continue reading “APRIL 23, 1834”
  • APRIL 24, 1885
    BATTLE OF FISH CREEK—MÉTIS HALT FEDERAL FORCES IN NORTH-WEST REBELLION The Rebellion grew from tensions between the Métis, Aboriginal peoples, settlers, and Canada’s federal government. The Métis victory at the Battle … Continue reading “APRIL 24, 1885”
  • APRIL 25, 1952
    SPOKANE ARTIST/ACTIVIST SLUM TAH (CHARLENE TETERS) BORN Teters, born in Spokane, Washington, earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her protest of pseudo-Native American dance … Continue reading “APRIL 25, 1952”
  • APRIL 26, 1774
    LORD DUNMORE’S WAR DECLARED ON SHAWNEE AND MINGO Named after Virginia Governor John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, this war was waged to push the Shawnee & Mingo out of the … Continue reading “APRIL 26, 1774”
  • APRIL 27, 1813
    OJIBWE & MISSISSAUGA SHOOTERS SLOW AMERICAN INVASION AT BATTLE OF YORK When the American Congress declared war on Britain on June 18, 1812, former president Thomas Jefferson predicted that “the acquisition … Continue reading “APRIL 27, 1813”
  • APRIL 28, 1991
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN CHAMPION SURFER COCO HO BORN Coco Malia Camille Hapaikekoa Ho was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Her father and uncle were also championship surfers. At age 7, Coco learned to … Continue reading “APRIL 28, 1991”
  • APRIL 29, 1557
    MAPUCHE CHIEF LAUTARO (SWIFT HAWK) KILLED-BATTLE OF MATAQUITO Lautaro was probably born in northern Chile sometime before 1535. According to legend, during his boyhood he was captured by the Spanish and … Continue reading “APRIL 29, 1557”
  • APRIL 30, 1825
    CREEK CHIEF TUSTUNNUGGEE HUTKE (WILLIAM MCINTOSH) EXECUTED Born circa 1775 near Tuetumpla (now Alabama), McIntosh’s Creek name meant “White Warrior.” His mother was Lower Creek of the Wind Clan from which … Continue reading “APRIL 30, 1825”
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