MAY 2023

  • MAY 1, 1976
    TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN CANOE HOKULE’A STARTS FIRST JOURNEY Hōkūleʻa, a performance-accurate Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe, was built in 1975 by the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Known for her 1976 Hawaiʻi to Tahiti voyage completed using only … Continue reading “MAY 1, 1976”
  • MAY 2, 2013
    CARMACKS RODDY BLACKJACK DIED-ARCHITECT OF THE YUKON LAND CLAIMS AGREEMT Blackjack, born in 1927, was chief of the Little Salmon Carmacks (LSC) First Nation from 1968-70. In 1973, he joined Chief … Continue reading “MAY 2, 2013”
  • MAY 3, 2016
    YAQUI ACTOR ABEL FERNANDEZ DIED—STARRED IN THE UNTOUCHABLES Born July 14, 1930, in Los Angeles, Abel’s mother was Yaqui; father was of Mexican Indian descent. At age 16, he joined the … Continue reading “MAY 3, 2016”
  • MAY 4, 1992
    NORTHWEST TERRITORIES (NWT) VOTERS SUPPORT DIVIDING PROVINCE TO CREATE NUNAVUT In 1981, Members of the Legislative Assembly of the NWT asked NWT voters, “Do you think the [NWT] should be divided?” … Continue reading “MAY 4, 1992”
  • MAY 5, 1884
    OJIBWE CHARLES ALBERT “CHIEF” BENDER BORN—BASEBALL HALL OF FAME PITCHER Born in Crow Wing County, Minnesota, and raised on the White Earth Indian Reservation, Bender first pitched at Carlisle Indian School. … Continue reading “MAY 5, 1884”
  • MAY 6, 1940
    HAWAIIAN UKELELE MAKER JONAH KUMALAE DIED Born October 13, 1874, in Honolulu, Jonah first worked as a teacher, farmer, and Poi manufacturer before turning to making ukuleles in 1911.  In 1915, … Continue reading “MAY 6, 1940”
  • MAY 7, 1885
    TLINGIT ATTORNEY WILLIAM PAUL BORN–NATIVE AMERICAN BROTHERHOOD LEADER Born in Tongass Village, Alaska, he and brother Louis founded, in 1912, the Alaska Native Brotherhood which pressed for Native voting rights and … Continue reading “MAY 7, 1885”
  • MAY 8, 1841
    MÉTIS ELECTED OFFICIAL JOHN NORQUAY BORN– MANITOBA PREMIER Born at St. Andrews, Manitoba (MB), Norquay spoke several languages, including English, French, Cree, and Saulteaux. After graduating from St. John’s Collegiate School, he … Continue reading “MAY 8, 1841”
  • MAY 9, 1975
    KWAKIUTL CONTEMPORARY ARTIST SONNY ASSU BORN Assu, born in Richmond, British Columbia (BC) and given a suburban upbringing by his grandparents in North Delta, BC, didn’t learn of his Kwakwaka’wakw heritage until he … Continue reading “MAY 9, 1975”
  • MAY 10, 2018
    ALUTIIQ ALVIN ELI AMASON NAMED RASMUSSON FOUNDATION DISTINGUISHED ARTIST Raised by his bear guide grandfather in Kodiak, Alaska (AK), Amason earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central Washington University (1973) & Master of Fine Arts from Arizona … Continue reading “MAY 10, 2018”
  • MAY 11, 1864
    MEXICAN MESTIZO REVOLUTIONARY LEADER GENERAL MÁXIMO CASTILLO BORN Castillo, born in Chihuahua, worked as a blacksmith & miner before doing migrant farm worker in the U.S. Returning in 1908, he joined Francisco … Continue reading “MAY 11, 1864”
  • MAY 12, 1909
    CHEROKEE NORMA DES CYGNE SMALLWOOD BORN—1ST NATIVE AMERICAN MISS AMERICA Raised in Bristow, Oklahoma, Norma graduated from high school at age 16 and was an art major in her sophomore year … Continue reading “MAY 12, 1909”
  • MAY 13, 1892
    LUISENO PEDRO “PETE” CALAC BORN–CARLISLE & NFL FOOTBALL PLAYER Born in Valley Center, California, Pete attended Sherman Indian School in Riverside before being sent to Carlisle Indian School in 1908 at age 15. Despite … Continue reading “MAY 13, 1892”
  • MAY 15, 1978
    FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OVERTURNS ALL OKLAHOMA TERMINATION ACTS During the Termination Era that began in 1953 with House Concurrent Resolution 110, the Federal government severed its trust relationship with tribes, stripping them … Continue reading “MAY 15, 1978”
  • MAY 16, 1866
    SHOSHONE JEAN BAPTISTE “POMP” CHARBONNEAU (SON OF SAKAGAWEA) DIED Born February 11, 1805, near modern Washburn, North Dakota, his parents, Sacagawea & Toussaint Charbonneau, were interpreters with the Lewis & Clark … Continue reading “MAY 16, 1866”
  • MAY 17, 1884
    ALASKA ORGANIC ACT (ACT) –CONGRESS TAKES CONTROL OF NATIVE LAND RIGHTS To provide civil government for Alaska, Congress ignored the fact that the many Native Alaskan peoples had their own forms … Continue reading “MAY 17, 1884”
  • MAY 18, 2016
    TLINGIT EDUCATOR/HEALTH ADVOCATE CHUU SHAH (ELAINE ABRAHAM) DIED Born on June 19,1929, in Yakutat, Alaska (AK), Elaine’s first language was Tlingit. Likely the first Tlingit registered nurse, she helped create the … Continue reading “MAY 18, 2016”
  • MAY 19, 1946
    HAWAIIAN GOVERNOR JOHN D. WAIHE’E III BORN Waihe’e, born in Honoka`a on the island of Hawai`i, was educated at Andrews University and Central Michigan University, later earning his law degree as … Continue reading “MAY 19, 1946”
  • MAY 20, 1941
    CHEROKEE MARBLE ARTIST/LINGUIST CHIEF HASTINGS SHADE BORN Shade, born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (OK), lived most of his life in Lost City, OK. A direct descendant of famed Cherokee leader Sequoya, He … Continue reading “MAY 20, 1941”
  • MAY 21, 1539
    FERNANDO DE SOTO ARRIVES AT NATIVE VILLAGE OF JOARA NEAR TOE RIVER Conquistador de Soto, beginning his expedition across what is now the southeastern U.S. in hopes of finding a passage … Continue reading “MAY 21, 1539”
  • MAY 22, 2003
    INUPIAQ CHAMPION SLED DOG RACER ALFRED WELLS, SR. DIED  Born March 5, 1922, in Noorvik, Alaska, Wells grew up in a small village living a traditional Iñupiaq hunting & fishing lifestyle. … Continue reading “MAY 22, 2003”
  • MAY 23, 1838
    THE CHEROKEE “TRAIL OF TEARS” BEGINS The Cherokee were the last Native American nation to be removed west of the Mississippi as part of the “Trail of Tears.” In 1830, President … Continue reading “MAY 23, 1838”
  • MAY 24, 1990
    R. v. KONRAD SIOUI DECISION—CANADA’S SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS WENDAT-HURON TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS RELIGIOUS PRACTICES UNDER 1740 TREATY Konrad Sioui, hereditary chief of Wendat-Huron band on the Lorette Indian Reserve, and others were … Continue reading “MAY 24, 1990”
  • MAY 25, 1925
    MEXICAN MESTIZO POET/AUTHOR/DIPLOMAT ROSARIO CASTELLANOS BORN Rosario, born in Mexico City, was raised near the Guatemalan border. Educated in Mexico & Europe, she was Press Director, National Autonomous University of Mexico … Continue reading “MAY 25, 1925”
  • MAY 26, 1903
    OMAHA ACTIVIST/WRITER ISHATA THEUMBA (SUSETTE LA FLESCHE TIBBLES) DIED Born in 1854 in Bellevue, Nebraska (NB), her name meant “Bright Eyes.” Eldest daughter of Omaha Chief Joseph La Flesche, Susette, after … Continue reading “MAY 26, 1903”
  • MAY 27, 1944
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN MUSICIAN PALANI VAUGHAN BORN Frank Palani Vaughan, born in Honolulu, attended Kamehameha School before earning a Bachelor’s degree from University of Hawaii. A featured artist on the Hawaii Calls radio program, … Continue reading “MAY 27, 1944”
  • MAY 28, 1947
    TLINGIT ARTIST JAMES “JIM” SCHOPPERT BORN Schoppert, born in Juneau, Alaska, earned a Master’s in Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington (WA), Seattle, in 1981. He felt that Native … Continue reading “MAY 28, 1947”
  • MAY 29, 1891
    BRULÉ SIOUX PLENTY HORSES IS EXONERATED BECAUSE ARMY DEEMED WOUNDED KNEE “STATE OF WAR” The U.S. Army designated the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre a “battle” and awarded 21 Medals of Honor. … Continue reading “MAY 29, 1891”
  • MAY 30, 1897
    CREE KITCHI-MANITO-WAYA (JEAN-BAPTISTE) KILLED BY MOUNTIES AFTER 19-MONTH SEARCH Born near Duck Lake, Saskatchewan (SK), in 1875, Jean-Baptiste’s Cree name meant “Almighty Voice.”  He grew up on the One Arrow Reserve … Continue reading “MAY 30, 1897”
  • MAY 31, 1916
    CREE WALTER DIETER BORN-FOUNDER OF CANADA’S NATIONAL INDIAN BROTHERHOOD (NOW ASSEMBLY OF FIRST NATIONS) Born on the Peepeekisis Reserve, Saskatchewan, Dieter’s father was Cree; his mother, Saulteaux.  Living in Regina, he … Continue reading “MAY 31, 1916”
  • May 14, 1998
    TLINGIT ELDER/LEADER GUSHKLANE (JUDSON BROWN) DIED Born in 1912 in Kluckwan, near Haines, Alaska, Judson’s name meant “Big Fin.” Brown was one of the first from his village sent away to … Continue reading “May 14, 1998”
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