MARCH 2021

  • MARCH 1, 1995
    IROQUOIS LAWYER ACTIVIST ROBERTA JAMIESON INVESTED AS MEMBER OF ORDER OF CANADA Jamieson, a Mohawk from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, was the 1st First Nations woman to … Continue reading “MARCH 1, 1995”
  • MARCH 2, 1906
    INUIT ARTIST JESSIE OONARK BORN Born in Back River in what is now Nunavut, Oonark, named “Una,” was of the Utkusiksalingmiut, semi-nomadic people who fished and hunted caribou.  Caribou decline … Continue reading “MARCH 2, 1906”
  • MARCH 3, 1832
    SUPREME COURT RULES FOR CHEROKEE SOVEREIGNTY IN WORCESTER V. GEORGIA In 1827, to avoid removal from Georgia, Cherokees created a constitutional government declaring themselves a sovereign nation.  Samuel Worcester, then … Continue reading “MARCH 3, 1832”
  • MARCH 4, 1977
    TLINGIT ATTORNEY AND NATIVE AMERICAN BROTHERHOOD LEADER WILLIAM PAUL DIED Born May 7, 1885, in Tongass Village, Alaska, in 1912, he and brother Louis founded the Alaska Native Brotherhood which … Continue reading “MARCH 4, 1977”
  • MARCH 5, 1847
    HAWAIIAN JUDGE EMMA KAʻILIKAPUOLONO METCALF BECKLEY NAKUINA BORN Born near Honolulu, O’ahu, Emma was daughter of a chiefess and granddaughter of legendary Kalanikūpule.  She attended Mills’ Seminary for Young Ladies … Continue reading “MARCH 5, 1847”
  • MARCH 6, 1943
    PUEBLO PAINTER POCANO (JULIÁN MARTINEZ) DIED Born in 1897 in San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, Martinez, whose Pueblo name meant “Coming of the Spirits,” was a farmer, governor of San … Continue reading “MARCH 6, 1943”
  • MARCH 7, 2000
    ALASKA LEGISLATURE RECOGNIZES ANFESIA SHAPSNIKOFF AS AN “ALEUT TRADITION BEARER” The 21st Legislature of the State of Alaska recognized Anfesia Shapsnikoff as an “Aleut Tradition Bearer” who “…served as nurse, … Continue reading “MARCH 7, 2000”
  • MARCH 8, 1909
    HAWAIIAN HULA DANCER EMILY KAU’I ZUTTERMEISTER BORN Born on Oahu, Emily Kauiomakawelinalaniokamanookalanipo was raised traditionally—by her maternal grandparents.  Her grandfather taught her plant cultivation; her grandmother, the uses of medicinal … Continue reading “MARCH 8, 1909”
  • MARCH 9, 1853
    ABENAKI WRITER SCHOLAR HENRY LORNE MASTA BORN Masta was a writer, teacher, scholar of the Abenaki Language, and respected leader in the Abenaki community.  He received his primary and secondary … Continue reading “MARCH 9, 1853”
  • MARCH 10, 1999
    ECUADORIAN ARTIST OSWALDO GUAYASAMÍN CALERO DIED Ecuador’s most celebrated artist, seen as among the greatest Latin American painters and sculptors of the 20th century, Guayasamín was born July 6, 1919, … Continue reading “MARCH 10, 1999”
  • MARCH 11, 1953
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN TRADITIONAL NAVIGATOR CHARLES NAINOA THOMPSON BORN Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nainoa is a Native Hawaiian navigator and Executive Director of the Polynesian Voyaging Society.  The first Hawaiian to … Continue reading “MARCH 11, 1953”
  • MARCH 12, 1939
    FORMER GWICH’IN GRAND CHIEF CLARENCE LEE ALEXANDER BORN Alexander was raised about 20 miles north of Fort Yukon, Alaska.  Former Grand Chief of Gwich’in peoples, he also was the first … Continue reading “MARCH 12, 1939”
  • MARCH 13, 1998
    ALEUT CHAGUDAX CARVER/ACTIVIST ANDREW GRONHOLDT DIED Born August 26, 1915, in Sand Point, Alaska, Gronholdt had a background as a wooden boat builder.  He also crafted wooden pumps, known as … Continue reading “MARCH 13, 1998”
  • MARCH 14, 1795
    BLACK CARIB GARIFUNA CHIEF SATUYE (JOSEPH CHATOYER) KILLED IN ST. VINCENT Chatoyer was a Carib chief who led two wars against the British colonial rule in Saint Vincent. In 1772, … Continue reading “MARCH 14, 1795”
  • MARCH 15, 1873
    CAYUGA HEREDITARY CHIEF DESKAHEH (LEVI GENERAL) BORN Born on the Six Nations Reserve on the Grand River, Levi became the Cayuga’s hereditary chief, or deskaheh, on the Confederacy Council in … Continue reading “MARCH 15, 1873”
  • MARCH 16, 1621
    SAMOSET GREETS PILGRIMS AT PLYMOUTH Samoset (“He Who Walks Over Much”), a sagamore (subordinate chief) of either an Eastern Abenaki or Mohegan tribe, was visiting the great Wampanoag chief Massasoit … Continue reading “MARCH 16, 1621”
  • MARCH 17, 1978
    NATIVE HAWAIIAN CHAMPION SURFER EDDIE AIKAU DROWNS SAVING LIVES Born May 4, 1946, Eddie descended from the high priest of Kings Kamehameha I and II.  Working at a cannery so … Continue reading “MARCH 17, 1978”
  • MARCH 18, 1752
    PIMA (O’ODHAM) REVOLT ENDS The Pima Revolt was the culmination of a 70-year period of hostilities against Spanish settlers due to a gradual loss of autonomy and territory.  Treaties allowing … Continue reading “MARCH 18, 1752”
  • MARCH 19, 1738
    QUECHUA LEADER TÚPAC AMARU II (JOSE CONDORCANQUI) BORN José Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera was a descendant of the last Inca ruler, Túpac Amaru.  He took the name Túpac Amaru II when … Continue reading “MARCH 19, 1738”
  • MARCH 20, 2010
    NATIVE AMERICAN POET FLORENCE AI OGAWA DIED Born on October 21, 1947 in Albany, Texas, she described herself as having Choctaw-Chicasaw, Southern Cheyenne and Comanche heritage, along with black, Japanese … Continue reading “MARCH 20, 2010”
  • MARCH 21, 1914
    CHEHALIS BASKET WEAVER HAZEL PETE BORN Born on the Chehalis Indian Reservation, Hazel learned to weave baskets at age 5 by watching her grandmother.  She later attended the Institute of … Continue reading “MARCH 21, 1914”
  • MARCH 22, 1960
    MAYA LEADER TECÚN UMÁN DECLARED GUATEMALA’S NATIONAL HERO Tecún Umán, the last king of the K’iche-Maya people in what is now Guatemala, according to legend, was slain by Captain Don … Continue reading “MARCH 22, 1960”
  • MARCH 23, 2003
    PFC KÖCHA-HON-MANA (LORI ANN PIESTEWA) FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN KILLED IN COMBAT FOR U.S. Born December 14, 1979, in Tuba City, Arizona, Lori’s Hopi name meant “White Bear Girl.”  Like … Continue reading “MARCH 23, 2003”
  • MARCH 24, 1824
    CREEK ‘RED STICK” CHIEF LAMOCHATEE (WILLIAM WEATHERFORD) DIED Born around 1781 near Coosada, an Alabama town of the Creek Confederacy, Weatherford, whose Creek name meant “Red Eagle,” was related to … Continue reading “MARCH 24, 1824”
  • MARCH 25, 1951
    DENE ETHEL DOROTHY BLONDIN-ANDREW BORN–FIRST ABORIGINAL PARLIAMENT MEMBER Born in Tulita, Northwest Territories, Ethel was the first Indigenous woman elected to the Canadian Parliament.  She initially taught school from 1974-81 … Continue reading “MARCH 25, 1951”
  • MARCH 26, 1885
    BATTLE OF DUCK LAKE BEGINS NORTH-WEST REBELLION BY MÉTIS Uncertainty over land rights due to Canadian expansion and encroaching settlement led Métis leader Louis Riel to proclaim the Provisional Government … Continue reading “MARCH 26, 1885”
  • MARCH 27, 2017
    KWAKIUTL ARTIST BEAU DICK DIED Born November 23, 1955, in Kingcome Inlet, north of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Beau learned woodcarving from his grandfather and father assisting them in carving … Continue reading “MARCH 27, 2017”
  • MARCH 28, 1861
    HAWAIIAN SUFFRAGIST LEADER WILHELMINA KEKELAOKALANINUI WIDEMANN DOWSETT BORN Born at Lihue, Kauai, Wilhelmina’s Native Hawaiian mother’s grandfather was a retainer of the aliʻi of Kauai.  Her wedding was attended by … Continue reading “MARCH 28, 1861”
  • MARCH 29*, 1676
    PRINCE PHILLIP’S WAR—NARRAGANSETT BURN PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND During King Philip’s War (1675-78), named for Wampanoag leader Metacomet (with the English name of Philip), about one-third of the towns of New … Continue reading “MARCH 29*, 1676”
  • MARCH 30, 1872
    HAWAIIAN CIVIL WAR SAILOR/SOLDIER & BUFFALO SOLDIER PRINCE ROMERSON DIED Born about 1840, likely on Oahu (though possibly in the Philippines or India), Prince was a barber in New York … Continue reading “MARCH 30, 1872”
  • MARCH 31, 1960
    CANADA EXTENDS SUFFRAGE TO FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE On this date, the Canadian government granted First Nations people the right to vote in federal elections without losing their treaty status.  Prime … Continue reading “MARCH 31, 1960”
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