MARCH 2022

  • MARCH 1, 1850
    SENECA CHIEF ROYANER (JOHN ARTHUR GIBSON) BORN—DRAFTED IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY CONSTITUTION From Tuscarora Township, Six Nations Reserve, of an Onandoga father and Seneca mother, Gibson was a noted lacrosse player in … Continue reading “MARCH 1, 1850”
  • MARCH 2, 2008
    INUPIAQ ELLEN PANEOK DIED—BUSH PILOT/AUTHOR/ARTIST Born in Bedford, Virginia in 1959, Paneok moved to Anchorage with her mother after her parents’ divorce, but at age 12 went to live in … Continue reading “MARCH 2, 2008”
  • MARCH 3, 1907
    MOHAWK ORONHYATEKHA (PETER MARTIN) DIED– SCHOLAR, PHYSICIAN, ATHLETE & CEO Born August 10, 1841, on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario, his Mohawk name meant “Burning Sky.”  Educated in … Continue reading “MARCH 3, 1907”
  • MARCH 4, 1971
    BERTA ISABEL CÁCERES FLORES BORN–HONDURAN LENCA ENVIRONMENTAL LEADER Of the Lenca in La Esperanza, southwestern Honduras, Cáceres grew up at a time of great civil unrest in Central America.  In … Continue reading “MARCH 4, 1971”
  • MARCH 5, 1980
    MOHAWK HAROLD JOHN SMITH (JAY SILVERHEELS) DIED Born May 26, 1912, on Six Nations Reserve near Hagersville, Ontario, Jay played professional lacrosse and fought in the Golden Gloves Middleweight class … Continue reading “MARCH 5, 1980”
  • MARCH 6, 1986
    TLINGIT WEAVER SHAXʼSAANI KÉEKʼ (JENNIE THLUNAUT) DIED Born on May 18, either 1891 or 1892, in the Chilkat Territory, in southeast Alaska, Jennie, whose Tlingit name meant “Younger Sister of … Continue reading “MARCH 6, 1986”
  • MARCH 7, 1934
    SIKSIKA & MÉTIS DOUGLAS CARDINAL BORN—AWARD-WINNING ARCHITECT Born in Calgary, Alberta, Douglas attended a convent residential school near Red Deer, Alberta, before studying architecture at Universities of British Columbia (1952) & Texas, Austin … Continue reading “MARCH 7, 1934”
  • MARCH 8, 1993
    INUIT ARTIST ᐱᑦᓯᐅᓛᖅ ᐊᓲᓇ (PITSEOLAK ASHOONA) HONORED WITH CANADIAN STAMP ISSUED FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY  Born on Nottingham Island, Northwest Territories, circa 1904, Pitseolak, whose name meant “Sea Pigeon,” was … Continue reading “MARCH 8, 1993”
  • MARCH 9, 1953
    CREE/BLACKFOOT GERALD R. McMASTER BORN–ARTIST AND CURATOR Born on Red Pheasant First Nation reserve, Saskatchewan, Gerald attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, before earning … Continue reading “MARCH 9, 1953”
  • MARCH 10, 1967
    INUK TIM PITSIULAK BORN—NOTED PENCIL ARTIST Born in Kimmirut, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut), Pitsiulak grew up speaking Inuktitut.  He became interested in drawing at age 9, but also trained as … Continue reading “MARCH 10, 1967”
  • MARCH 11, 1986
    INUPIAQ TRADITIONAL HEALER DELLA PUYUK KEATS DIED Born on April 15, 1907, in Noatak, Alaska, Keats took an early interest in human anatomy and folk medicine and began healing people … Continue reading “MARCH 11, 1986”
  • MARCH 12, 1862
    STEAMER BROTHER JONATHAN ARRIVES IN VICTORIA—STARTS SMALLPOX EPIDEMIC The paddle steamer Brother Jonathan pulled into Victoria from San Francisco with about 350 passengers, mostly gold seekers–one had smallpox.  Thus, began the … Continue reading “MARCH 12, 1862”
  • MARCH 13, 1325
    TENOCHTITLÁN, AZTEC CAPITAL, REPUTEDLY FOUNDED BY MEXICA INDIANS Legend has it that the Mexica people migrated to Tenochtitlán from the mythical town of Aztlan, or “Place of the Herons,” because … Continue reading “MARCH 13, 1325”
  • MARCH 14, 1932
    OJIBWE (ANISHINAABE) OZAAWAABIKO-BINESI (NORVAL MORRISSEAU) BORN—FAMED ARTIST Born in Sand Point Reserve, near Beardmore, Ontario, Norval was raised traditionally.  His grandfather, a shaman, taught him Anishinaabe traditions and legends, though … Continue reading “MARCH 14, 1932”
  • MARCH 15, 1913
    BRULE LAKOTA CHIEF/DIPLOMAT MATȞÓ HÉȞLOǦEČA (HOLLOW HORN BEAR) DIED Born circa 1850, in what today is Sheridan County, Nebraska, he was was a famed warrior, first against the Pawnee and … Continue reading “MARCH 15, 1913”
  • MARCH 16, 1649
    IROQUOIS ATTACK WENDAT HURON MISSION IN ONTARIO The Wendat (or Huron) Confederacy was already at war the Haudenosaunee (then-Five Nations, or Iroquois Confederacy) when the French arrived in North America.  … Continue reading “MARCH 16, 1649”
  • MARCH 17, 1903
    MINNECONJOU LAKOTA TȞÁȞČA HUŠTÉ (JOHN FIRE LAME DEER) BORN– HOLY MAN & ACTIVIST The grandson of the Miniconjou head man Lame Deer and born on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, Lame … Continue reading “MARCH 17, 1903”
  • MARCH 18, 1983
    WINDSPEAKER, CANADIAN FIRST NATIONS NEWSPAPER LAUNCHED IN ALBERTA A monthly publication, Windspeaker initially served Aboriginal people of northern Alberta.  With a total cut in federal funding for Indigenous newspapers in 1990, … Continue reading “MARCH 18, 1983”
  • MARCH 19, 1997
    ARGENTINE QULLA REGAIN POSSESSION OF SANTIAGO ESTATE HOMELANDS The Santiago Estate, located in the “yungas” (forest lands) in Argentina, was part of the traditional lands where the Qulla nation was … Continue reading “MARCH 19, 1997”
  • MARCH 20, 2007
    MI’KMAQ POET AND SONGWRITER RITA JOE DIED Born March 15, 1932, and raised on the Whycocomagh Reserve, Nova Scotia, Rita attended Indian Residential School where she was forbidden to speak … Continue reading “MARCH 20, 2007”
  • MARCH 21, 1804
    KEʻEAUMOKU PĀPAʻIAHIAHI DIED–CHIEF/WARRIOR/AIDE TO KAMEHAMEHA I Born circa 1736, he was key in raising Kamehameha I to the throne of Hawaiʻi and served in a role similar to Commander in … Continue reading “MARCH 21, 1804”
  • MARCH 22, 1960
    ANISHINAABE REBECCA BELMORE BORN–INSTALLATION ARTIST Born in Upsala, Ontario, Belmore, while at Ontario College of Art (1984-87), developed a performance-based alter ego, “High-Tech Teepee Trauma Mama,”—a mocking display of Indigenous … Continue reading “MARCH 22, 1960”
  • MARCH 23, 1982
    GUATEMALAN GENERAL RÍOS MONTT BEGINS GENOCIDAL WAR AGAINST MAYA Seizing power through a coup, General Efrain Ríos Montt led a counterinsurgency program against Guatemala’s Maya Indians.  The Army began a … Continue reading “MARCH 23, 1982”
  • MARCH 24, 1911
    BLACK SEMINOLE MEDAL OF HONOR WINNER JOHN WARD DIED Ward was born in 1848, near El Moral, Mexico where many Black Seminoles fled to avoid slavery.  In return for fighting … Continue reading “MARCH 24, 1911”
  • MARCH 25, 1916
    “ISHI,” THE LAST OF THE YAHI PEOPLE, DIED Ishi was not the real name of the man who emerged from the woods of Oroville in 1911.  In Yahi, it meant … Continue reading “MARCH 25, 1916”
  • MARCH 26, 1856
    CASCADES MASSACRE—YAKIMA WAR In 1855, Washington Territory Indians warred with American settlers over treaties that forced the tribes onto reservations.  Yakama Chief Kamiakin plotted to attack the portage at the … Continue reading “MARCH 26, 1856”
  • MARCH 27, 1964
    GREAT EARTHQUAKE TSUNAMIS DESTROY ALASKA NATIVE VILLAGES, KILL OVER 100 Tsunamis related to the Good Friday Earthquake destroyed or damaged the Alaska Native villages of Kaguyak, Chenega, Old Harbor, Uzinki, … Continue reading “MARCH 27, 1964”
  • MARCH 28, 2012
    CHEROKEE MUSICIAN WALKER CALHOUN DIED Born on May 13, 1918, in the Big Cove community, Qualla Boundary Reservation in North Carolina, Walker learned songs, dances, and Cherokee religious practices from … Continue reading “MARCH 28, 2012”
  • MARCH 29, 1993
    HAWAIIAN WRITER POET CULTURAL HISTORIAN JOHN DOMINIS HOLT IV DIED Born June 4, 1919, in Honolulu, and descended from European, Hawaiian & Tahitian royalty, Holt was influenced by his elders’ … Continue reading “MARCH 29, 1993”
  • MARCH 30, 1930
    INUPIAQ DOLLY SPENCER BORN—DOLLMAKER, NEA FELLOWSHIP RECIPIENT Born in Kotzebue, Alaska, her family lived in temporary camps, in summer and fall, moving to gather food, fish, and hunt seals and … Continue reading “MARCH 30, 1930”
  • MARCH 31, 2014
    SEMINOLE EDMOND HARJO DIED-LAST SEMINOLE CODE TALKER Born on November 24, 1917, in Maud, Oklahoma, Edmond and his brothers enlisted in the 195th Field Artillery Battalion and saw action at … Continue reading “MARCH 31, 2014”
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