FEBRUARY 6, 1892


Born at Burrard Inlet, British Columbia, Paull’s Squamish name means “Serpent Slayer.”  In 1907, he began learning the law, but never was admitted to the bar because, at the time, he would have to be “enfranchised” (forfeit his Indian status).  A member of the executive of the Allied Tribes of British Columbia, he testified before a special joint committee in Ottawa in 1927.  In 1942, he helped form the Native Brotherhood of British Columbia, but in 1945 left to become Grand Chief of the North American Indian Brotherhood.  In the late 1940s, he testified before parliamentary committees considering Indian Act revisions, memorizing long portions of documents.  At the same time, Paull was a famed Box Lacrosse coach beginning in 1921.  His North Shore Indians, in the 1930s, were a highly successful squad.  The 1936 team is still remembered.  He is an Honoured Member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  Paull died in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 28, 1959.

Sources:  E. P. Patterson Li, “Andrew Paull,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2/4/2008.  Retreived 6/7/2019, http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/andrew-paull/. “Andy Paul,” Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  Retrieved 6/7/2019, https://www.clhof.org/index.php/inductees/by-category/builder/11-andy-paull
Photo:  Author unknown, 1934.  Public domain in Canada.  Fair use: This is not being used for profit and is done for educational purposes only.  Further Fair Use justification provided upon request.   The only source for this photo is Dennis Joseph Collection.

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