AUGUST 4, 1960


The first official edition of the Navajo Times newspaper cost 10 cents.  Until March 21, 1984, the Navajo Times was a black-and-white, tabloid-sized paper printed in Albuquerque and circulated primarily in the major reservation towns like Window Rock, Tuba City, Chinle, Shiprock and Crownpoint.  In 1984, the paper became a full-color, broadsheet publication printed weekly in downtown Window Rock.  Today, the paper runs over 22,000 issues each week.  It has at least four separate sections and a world-wide circulation.  The paper’s purpose has expanded as well.  In 1960, the prime purpose was to inform the Navajo People of news and events occurring within their government and communities.  With its growth, the Navajo Times now also seeks to serve and inform a broader, non-Navajo readership.  The Navajo Times has become the largest selling Native-owned publication in the world, and the only Native-owned newspaper publishing company.

Source:  Tom Arviso, Jr., “55 years of history in the pages of the Navajo Times, Navajo Times, 8/13/2015.  Retrieved 7/9/2019,
Photo:  Donovan Shortey, 7/2/2016.  Permissive Use pursuant to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license,

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