A Mayan queen of the city of Tikal, she assumed the throne on April 19, 511, at the age of six, but did not rule on her own.  Instead, she co-ruled with an individual named Kaloomte’ Bahlam.  She likely was the daughter of Chak Tok Ich’aak II.  It appears also that she was named as ruler because there was a problem with the male line.  Lady of Tikal was depicted on Stela (stone monument) 23, which was broken and later re-erected incomplete.  It is presumed that Stela 6 and Stela 12 also mention Lady of Tikal, but she is referred to by a different name, possibly her own.  Her relationship to Bird Claw, who may have been her successor (and the 20th ruler of Tikal), is unknown due to problems deciphering the text of Stela 8, but it is important to note that Bird Claw does not carry the Tikal emblem.  Her reign ended around 527.  [The name “Lady of Tikal” also refers to Lady Six Sky of Dos Pilas/Naranjo, more commonly known as “Woman of Tikal.”  Lady Six Sky acceded to the throne at Naranjo in 682]. 

Source:  Simon Martin, “The Queen of Middle Classic Tikal,” P.A.R.I Publications: Newsletter 27, March, 1999.  Retrieved 7/12/2019,
Glyph:  Mały Koleżka, 11/21/2005.  Permissive Use pursuant to Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license,

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