OCTOBER 13, 1980


Born in Honolulu on April 22, 1921, Pahinui grew up shining shoes and selling newspapers before leaving school after 5th grade.  Gabby got his start in music during the 1930’s as a back-up guitarist for Charley “Tiny” Brown.  He built a reputation as a solid musician and mastered the steel guitar.  Though a master of the steel guitar, Gabby is most known for his mastery of the slack-key guitar.  Pahinui played professionally with the great Hawaiian musicians of the time.  His career took him throughout the islands and the U.S. mainland.  During the 50’s and 60’s, Gabby played on the popular International radio show Hawai’i Calls and was an original member of Eddie Kamae’s Sons of Hawai’i which helped to jumpstart the Hawaiian Renaissance.  

Source:  “Gabby Pahinui,” Gabby Pahinui: waimānalo kanikapila.  Retrieved 7/16/2019, http://www.gabbypahinui.com/home/
Photo:  Author and date unknown.  Source:  http://www.gabbypahinui.com/home/.  Fair Use:  This is being used for non-commercial and educational purposes only.  Further Fair Use justification provided upon request.  The author is unknown and the subject is deceased.  The photograph is used simply to identify the subject.  No other publicly available photographs of the deceased exist.  As the source for this photograph no longer is active, there is no diminishment in its value by this use.  

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