OCTOBER 20, 1937


Born on the Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana, Horse Capture’s A’aninin name meant “Spotted Otter.” Initially a Navy shipfitter & steel inspector, in 1969, he joined in the Alcatraz Island occupation.  After attending University of California-Berkeley, he taught at the College of Great Falls (1974-77) in Montana earning a master’s in history at Montana State Univ. (MSU) in 1979.  As curator of the Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Historical Center, he organized the Wounded Knee: Lest We Forget and PowWow exhibits.  In 1994, George became Deputy Assistant Director for Cultural Resources, National Museum of the American Indian where he was instrumental in repatriating sacred objects to the tribes.  Retiring in 2004, he lectured extensively and wrote.  His publications include I’d Rather Be Powwowing and Indian Country.  Awards:  Humanities Award, Montana Committee of the Humanities; and Presidential Appointee, National Museum Services Board.  George died in Great Falls, Montana, on April 16, 2013.

Source:  “George Paul Horse Capture, Sr.,” Cody Enterprises, 4/24/2013. Retrieved 7/16/2019, http://www.codyenterprise.com/news/obituaries/article_78e43bcc-ad1d-11e2-87e1-001a4bcf887a.html
Photo:  Courtesy of the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution (N56560).

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