DECEMBER 16, 1960


Born “on the banks of the Assiniboine River,” in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Joanne studied at the University of Windsor, then moved to British Columbia in 1982.  Much of her writing concerns family relations, such as Like an Indian: Struggling with Ogres.  Her poetry books include: Wiles of Girlhood (1991)–LCP’s 1992 Gerald Lampert Award; My Grass Cradle (1992); Steepy Mountain: Love Poetry (2004); Mother Time: Poems New & Selected (2007); A Night for the Lady” (2013)—on human resilience & her dignity as a Métis mother; and Halfling Spring: An Internet Romance (2013).  Her books include the children’s’ book Ma MacDonald (1993) and Breasting the Waves: On Writing & Healing (1995)—a nonfiction.  Joanne is a founding member of the Aboriginal Writers Collective West Coast and a past volunteer on The Writers Union of Canada’s National Council and The Writers Trust Author’s Committee.  Her essays and poetry have appeared in more than 25 anthologies. In 2015 she became Poetry Editor for EVENT Magazine.

Source:  “Arnott Joanne,” ABC BookWorld.  Retrieved 7/23/2019,
Photo:  Courtesy of Joanne Arnott.

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