DECEMBER 23, 2016


Born on March 10, 1967, in Kimmirut, Nunavut, Pitsiulak was nephew of artist Kenoujuak Ashevak [see October 3].  Tim grew up speaking Inuktitut as his primary language.  Based in Cape Dorset, Pitsiulak was a jewelry-maker, sculpture, lithographer and photographer, but was best known for his drawings — big works in colored pencil that depicted both traditional Inuit culture and modern life in the Arctic.  His works were based on the Arctic wildlife, landscape, people and Inuit mythology.  Pitsiulak also drew inspiration from the natural beauty he witnessed on his hunting expeditions.  Pitsiulak’s works have appeared in galleries all over Canada, including Toronto’s Feheley Fine Arts, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Inuit Gallery of Vancouver.  In 2013, his drawing of two belugas and bowhead whale was featured on Canada’s 25-cent coin.  He died in Cape Dorset.

Sources:  "Inuk artist Tim Pitsiulak dead at 49," CBC, 12/23/2016.  Retrieved 7/23/2019, Wikipedia
Image:  Timootee “Tim” Pitsiulak (1967-2016), 2014. “Sated Bear.” Cape Dorset Print Collection.  Courtesy of Dorset Fine Arts. 

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