JANUARY 21, 1992


Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, APTN is the first network by and for North American indigenous peoples.  It airs and produces programs made by and for Indigenous peoples in Canada and the U.S.  With initial government support, APTN began broadcasting in Canada’s northern territories and, since 1999, has had a national broadcast licence.  APTN offers programming in Indigenous languages, English and French and reaches more than 11 million Canadian households and businesses, a significant portion of which are located in remote areas. APTN mainly generates revenue for operations through subscriber fees, advertising sales and partnerships.  APTN grew out of Television North Canada (TVNC), a network that featured news and coverage of issues concerning both Indigenous and northern populations in Canada.  First airing in 1991, TVNC broadcasted from Yukon to northern Labroador.  In 2016, APTN committed to launching All Nations Network, an independently managed sister-station in the United States.

Source:  Heather Conn, The Canadian Encyclopedia, 5/29/2018.  Retrieved 12/6/2019, https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/aboriginal-peoples-television-network-aptn
Design:  Courtesy of Clip Art Library. Source: http://clipart-library.com/radio-station-cliparts.html Item 1610726.

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