JANUARY 28, 1892


The Chiriguanos (Eastern Bolivian Guarani) had fought successfully against the Inca Empire, the Spanish Empire, and Bolivia.  In 1889, a Chiriguano man named Chapiaguasu emerged as a prophet calling himself Apiaguaiki Tumpa (the Eunuch of God).  His message–restore the old order of Chiriguano society & expel creoles and missionaries—was similar to that of the Ghost Dance in the United States.  The war began with the rape and murder of a Chiriguano woman on January 1 by the corregidor of Cuevo.  In response, Chiriguanos ambushed army patrols and sacked Cuevo.  On January 21, Apiaguaiki led his forces in a failed frontal assault against the Santa Rosa mission.  Afterwards, they encamped at Kuruyuki, 8 miles away.  With repeating rifles, the Creoles & allies defeated the Chiriguanos.  The army then hunted and massacred those who surrendered and sold women and children into slavery.  More than 6,000 Chiriguanos died.  On March 29, Apiagauiki was tortured & executed what is now Monteagudo.

Sources:  “Chiriguano War, 1892” Medal Hound.  Retrieved 12/10/2019, http://themedalhound.com/bolivia/chiriguanowar.html
Map:   Karte: NordNordWest, 5/11/2015.  Permissive Use.

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