JANUARY 4, 1925


Born circa 1847, near present day-Douglas, Wyoming, Red Shirt may have been the son of Red Dog, a progressive leader of the Oyuhpe Lakota band at Pine Ridge. Red Shirt served as a U.S. Army Native Scout with the 4th U.S. Cavalry during the Great Sioux War of 1876-77.  In 1879, Red Shirt became both a chief of the Wagluhe (“Loafer”) Lakota band and chief of the Pine Ridge Police-a post he would hold until 1910.  Along with American Horse and Blue Horse, he enrolled his children in the first class at Carlisle Carlisle Native Industrial School.  Red Shirt, along with Blue Horse and American Horse, traveled to England in 1887 with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  Red Shirt became an international celebrity meeting with Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and Prime Minister William Gladstone.  He later opposed the Ghost Dance Movement of 1890.

Source: “Red Shirt,” AmericanTribes.com.  Retrieved 12/6/2020,  Red Shirt (american-tribes.com)
Photo:  Henry W. Wyman (1846-1933), 1904.  Public Domain.

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