JANUARY 9, 2008


Born September 6, 1945, in Mescalero, New Mexico (NM), Misquez grew up in Three Rivers, NM.  She earned a degree in business from Haskell Indian Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas.  Prior to serving as tribal president, Misquez was tribal administrator, a council member, and tribal secretary.  She was also aide to Wendell Chino, the tribe’s leader for 43 years.  Misquez was appointed president after the Tribal Council’s May 1999 ouster of Paul Ortega who was appointed president after Chino’s death.  She then won the August 1999 special election.  She lost the 2001 election to Chino’s son, Mark, but a voting machine controversy invalidated the results.  Misquez again won in January 2002.  Chino finally defeated her in November 2003.  She ran again, unsuccessfully, in 2007.  Former US Senator Pete Domenici noted that she addressed the health and education needs of her tribe head on.   Misquez died in a one-car crash near Tularosa, NM.

Source:  “Misquez, Sara: Former Mescalero Apache president killed in car crash,” Indian Country News.  Retrieved 8/17/2019, https://indiancountrynews.com/index.php/69-culture/walking-on-main/2374-misquez-sara-former-mescalero-apache-president-killed-in-car-crash
Photo:  AllenS, 8/7/2009.  Mescalero Apache Tribal Administrative Offices.  Public Domain.

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