FEBRUARY 28, 2010


Born, June 22, 1915, in Izucar de Matamoros, Puebla, Mexico, she was daughter of famed Mexican Revolution General Emiliano Zapata.  After her father’s murder, Anita lived with family members in Chietla, Puebla.  At a young age, she began working for feminist causes.  She joined the Unión de Mujeres Americanas (UMA) founded in 1934 and, by 1935, she became president of UMA chapters in Morelos and Guerrero, organizing women to fight for the vote.  Later, she joined the Partido Nacional Revolucionario (PNR) (precursor to PRI) and was president of the Asociación Nacional Femenina Revolucionaria–the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)’s women’s affiliate.    Zapat’s political career included serving as treasurer of the ejido of Cuautla, municipal councilor, and municipal trustee, before becoming the 1st female federal representative from the state of Morelos as a PRI representative in the XLIV Federal Legislature (1958-61).  Zapata died in Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico. 

Source:  Alejandra Montes-de-Oca-O’Reilly, “The General’s Daughter: Ana Zapata, Mexican Suffragist, and Agent of Social Change,” American International Journal of Social Science, March 2014.  Retrieved 1/1/2020, http://www.aijssnet.com/journals/Vol_3_No_2_March_2014/8.pdf
Flag:  Alex Covarubbias, 4/9/2006. Based on the arms of Juan Gabino.  Public Domain.

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