MARCH 7, 1934


Born in Calgary, Alberta, Douglas attended a convent residential school near Red Deer, Alberta, before studying architecture at Universities of British Columbia (1952) & Texas, Austin (graduating, 1963).  Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright & Le Corbusier, Cardinal is known for the curvilinear massing of his buildings.  Award-winning projects include: St. Mary’s Church, Red Deer—his 1st use of Computer-Aided draft & design; Cree Village of Oujé-Bougoumou, Québec (1994)—U.N. Award of Excellence & Expo 2000; Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Québec (1989); and National Museum of the American Indian, Wash., DC. (1993).  Named Officer, Order of Canada (1990), his awards include: Canada Council Molson Prize for the Arts (1992); National Aboriginal Achievement Award (1995); Gold Medal, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (1999); Governor General’s Award, Visual and Media Arts (2001); Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal (2002); and Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012).    

Source:  Joan Acl, Branka Baic-Bender, “Douglas Cardinal,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2/6/2012.  Retrieved 6/29/2020,
Photo:  Bruce Reeve, 2/28/2016.  Permissive Use.  Source:

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