JUNE 16, 2007


Established pursuant to the 2007 Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, the TRC was mandated to inform Canadians about the 150-year history of the residential schools, as well as “guide and inspire a process of reconciliation and renewed relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.”  The Event was the 1st of 7 held across Canada between 2007 and 2015.  At this first event, hundreds of Indian Residential School survivors, Aboriginal leaders, church groups, government representatives and members of the public gathered for the opening ceremonies. TRC Commissioner Chief Wilton Littlechild invited attendees to the four-day event “to open your hearts and minds . . . to see positive change for today and for generations to come.”  In 2015, the TRC released an Executive Summary with 94 “calls to action,” and a Final Report that concluded that the school system amounted to cultural genocide.  At present, best estimates are that only 10 of the “calls to action” have been met.

Source:  Press Release: “Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Launches first National Event,” Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 6/16/2007.  Retrieved 5/16/2020.  http://www.trc.ca/assets/pdf/mnews_TRC%20NE%20News%20Release.June16.ENG.pdf
Logo:  Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  Public Domain.

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