JUNE 20, 1675


King Philip’s War was the first great war between Native Americans and white settlers. Metacom, also known as King Philip, was the son of Wampanoag chief Massasoit, who had coexisted peacefully with the Puritans. Amidst rising tensions, Metacom launched a united assault on colonial towns throughout the region.  Metacom’s forces gained initial victories, but soon the colonists gained the upper hand. With the death of Metacom and most of the other Indian leaders, the participating tribes, including the Narragansett, were largely destroyed. King Philip’s War is considered by some experts to be the deadliest war in the history of European settlement in North America in proportion to the population.

Source:  “King Philip’s War,” converted from Henry William Ellison’s History of the United States of America (The MacMillan Company, New York: 1904), as transcribed by Kathy Leigh.  Retrieved 5/17/2020, http://www.usahistory.info/NewEngland/King-Philips-War.html
Engraving:  Author and date unknown.  Public Domain.     

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