MAY 22, 2016


Born April 19, 1954, in Valle de Mezquital in the Mexican State of Hidalgo, in central Mexico, Romo was of Otomi-Hnanhu heritage.  Studying at the School of Painting, Engraving and Sculpture, “La Esmeralda”, in the Federal District, Romo was influenced by both Gunther Gerzso and Rufino Tamayo.  He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions mainly in Mexico and the United States.  His paintings and sculptures have a “Mexican Nationalist flavor.”  In 2011, the State Council for Culture and the Arts of Hidalgo published a book dedicated to his life and work entitled José Luis Romo Martín, Otomi Painter.  In 1978, he became the exhibit coordinator at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional.  Romo founded the Ixmiquilpan Culture House and devoted years to teaching painting in the Otomí community.  His work was exhibited at Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Galeria Lopez Quiroga, Palacio de Bellas Artes, MARCO, and Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art New York.  He died in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico.

Source:  “The Otomi Painter José Luis Romo Martín died, Zunoticia.  Retrieved 3/23/2020. 
Photo:  José Luis Romo Martín, date unknown.  Fair Use.  Source: El pintor otomí José Luis Romo Martín. Fotografía del autor. | Download Scientific Diagram (

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