MAY 3, 682


Also known as Ruler A, Ah Cacao and Sky Rain, became ajaw of the Maya city of Tikal (in present Guatemala) at age three and reigned until his death in 734.  One of the most celebrated of Tikal’s rulers, Jasaw Chan Kʼawiil’s reign came at the end of a 130-year-long hiatus in Tikal’s historical record, and his defeat of the rival Maya city of Calakmul in 695 is seen to represent a resurgence in the strength and influence of Tikal.  Two structures at Tikal are associated with him.  Tikal Temple I is a classically Petén-styled stepped pyramid structure which served as his ruler’s tomb, although it is unclear whether it was built for this specific purpose. Tikal Temple II served as the tomb for his wife, Lady Lahan Unen Moʼ (died c.704).  His successor was his son Yikʼin Chan Kʼawiil.

Source:  Martin, Simon; Nikolai Grube, Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens: Deciphering the Dynasties of the Ancient Maya (2nd ed.), [London and New York: Thames & Hudson, 2008].
Graphic:  Moly Kolezka, 12/5/2015.  Permissive Use.

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