AUGUST 14, 1915


Born on July 4, 1858, in Honolulu, Boyd was part of one of the most prominent families of Hawaii.  In 1877, Boyd became Captain on the staff of the Governor of Oahu, John Owen Dominis. He was elevated to Colonel on King’s Staff in 1880.  Under King Kalākaua in 1883, he held the post of Bearer of the Royal Crowns among other posts.  In 1887, he was secretary and attaché to Col. Curtis P. Iaukea and accompanied Princess Liliʻuokalani, Governor Dominis, and Queen Kapiʻolani to England for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.  Their tour of Europe was cut short when King Kalākaua was forced to sign Bayonet Constitution.  In 1891, after Liliʻuokalani’s accession to the throne, Boyd was reappointed as Colonel on the Queen’s Staff until she was overthrown.  While strongly opposed the Provisional Government and the Republic of Hawaii, after annexation, Boyd served the Territorial government as Superintendent of Public Works.  Boyd died in Waimea, Hawai’i.  He is buried in the Oahu Cemetery. 

Source:  “James Harbottle Boyd,” PeoplePill.  Retrieved 7/4/2020,
Photo:  James J. Williams, 1882.  Public Domain. Source: Hawaii State Archives. Call Number: PP-96-13-015.

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