AUGUST 16, 1868


Born near Boggy Depot, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory [now Oklahoma (OK)], Carter moved with his father to Mill Creek, on the western edge of the Chickasaw Nation, in 1876.  After attending Indian day schools & Chickasaw Manual Training Academy, OK, from 1887 to 1892, he worked in Ardmore, OK. Carter began public service as public accounts auditor of the Chickasaw Nation (1892-94), Chickasaw Council member (1895), school superintendent of the Chickasaw Nation (1897), and by appointment of President McKinley, as mining trustee of Indian Territory (1900-04). In 1906, he became the secretary of the first Democratic executive committee of the proposed State of Oklahoma and, upon its admission was elected as a Democrat to represent the 60th District, serving from 1907 to 1927.  In the 56th Congress, he chaired the Committee on Indian Affairs. After Congress, he became a member of the State highway commission (1927-29).  Carter died in Ardmore, OK, on April 9, 1929.

Source:  “CARTER, Charles David (1868-1929), Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.  Retrieved 4/2/2021, Bioguide Search (
Photo:  Author and date unknown. Likely Public Domain.  If not Public Domain, then Fair Use.  Source: Collection of the House of Representatives, CARTER, Charles David | US House of Representatives: History, Art & Archives.

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