AUGUST 25, 1989


Born in 1902, Paul grew up on the Maliseet Woodstock Reserve in New Brunswick, Canada, and was primarily raised by his grandfather who was a tribal elder and known as Wapeyit Piyel.  Paul learned family and tribal lore from his grandfather.  He married the granddaughter of Chief Gabe Atwin in 1928 and, together, they had nine children.  Peter respected the value of mainstream education, and tried to give his children the best education possible, but it came at the expense of their not learning their native language.  Paul became a fountain of traditional knowledge and generously shared information with numerous professional linguists, ethnohistorians, and anthropologists. The recipient of many honors, he was awarded a Centennial Medal in 1969, received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of New Brunswick in 1970, and the Order of Canada on June 29, 1987.  Paul died and was buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Source:  “Peter Lewis Paul,” PeoplePill.  Retrieved 6/16/2020,
Map:  Nikater, 3/4/2006.  Permissive Use.

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