AUGUST 4, 1998


On August 4, 1998, a land-claim stemming from 1887 was settled by treaty between the Nisga’a, the government of British Columbia, and the Government of Canada.  The treaty settled a successful law suit brought in 1969 by Nisga’a Tribal Council President Frank Calder [Calder v. British Columbia].  As part of the settlement in the Nass River valley, nearly 2,000 square kilometres of land was officially recognized as belonging to the Nisga’a, and a 300,000-cubic-decameter water reservation was also created.  The Bear Glacier Provincial Park was also created as a result of this agreement.  The settlement was the first formal treaty signed by a First Nation in British Columbia since the Douglas Treaties in 1854 (pertaining to most of British Columbia) and Treaty 8 (pertaining to northeastern British Columbia).  

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Flag:  Walden69, 1/14/2006.  Public Domain. 

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