JULY 11, 1942


Born on the coast of Baffin Island near Cape Dorset, Saila’s childhood was spent in various hospitals due to tuberculosis.  She learned English during that time and is one of the few of her generation who speaks English & Inuktitut fluently.  Pitaloosie began drawing in the early 1960s and quickly established herself.  Her work has been featured in solo drawing exhibitions and, in 1977, Canada Post issued a stamp depicting her print, Fisherman’s Dream.  Her 1985 lithograph, In the Hills, represented the Northwest Territories in the centennial celebration of the National Parks of Canada.  Amnesty International used her drawing, Mother and Child, for its 1990 Christmas card.  She was one of 9 featured artists in the exhibit Isumavut: The Artistic Expression of Nine Cape Dorset Women (1994).  In 2004, both she and her husband, sculptor Pauta Saila, were appointed members of the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts in recognition of their life’s work and contributions to Canadian art.

Source:  "Pitaloosie Saila (1942– ), Dorset Fine Arts, from Kinnigait: “Riding Light Into the World.” Producer: Site Media. Director: Annette Mangaard.  Retrieved 7/23/2020,  http://www.dorsetfinearts.com/pitaloosie-saila
Stonecut:  Pitaloosie Saila (1942- ), 1969.  “Shaman’s Dance.”  Cape Dorset.  Reproduced with the permission of Dorset Fine Arts.

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