JULY 20, 1948


Born at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (SK), Boyer’s Bachelor’s degree was from University of SK (SKU), Regina (1971).  He taught art & drama at Prince Albert (1971-73) & was program officer, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina (1973-1975) before becoming assistant professor/consultant in Indian art, SK Indian Federated College, SKU (1978).  In 1980, Boyer became head of the college’s Dept. of Indian Art.  His art mixed contemporary Western art (e.g., abstract expressionism), with Aboriginal history and culture.  In 1984, he produced a series of oil on blanket works.   Exhibits included: Horses Fly Too, Mackenzie Art Gallery; Bob Boyer: A Blanket Statement, British Columbia Univ. Museum of Anthropology (1988); Shades of Difference: The Art of Bob Boyer, Edmonton Art Gallery (1991); In the Shadow of the Sun (1988) and Indigena (1992), Canadian Museum of Civilization; and in Native Canadian Voices, National Gallery of Canada (1995).  Boyer died at a powwow in Macy, Nebraska, on August 30, 2004.

Source:  Norman Zepp, “Robert Boyer,” Canadian Encyclopedia, 9/20/2011.  Retrieved 5/29/2020, https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/robert-boyer
Photo:  Padraic Ryan, 11/11/2007.  Aboriginal War Veterans Monument, Ottawa, Canada.  Permissive Use. 

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