JULY 25, 1939


Born in Xochislahuaca, State of Guerrero, Mexico, “Tina,” like most Amuzgo girls, learned to weave cotton garments by watching her mother.  She began selling pieces in the city of Ometepec and drew the attention of FONART in 1969.  Tina involved herself in the production process growing the cotton to the final product.  Her specialty was weaving brocade in white and coyuche cotton (a local brown variation) with the design woven in.  Tina promoted Amuzgo textiles and fought for the rights of indigenous women.  In 1969, she founded the 1st cooperative for women weavers in her hometown which is still functioning.  In 1971, Tina was elected as a community representative for the municipality.  Awards:  2nd place Gran Premio de Arte Popular, FONART (1987); 1st place Gran Premio de Arte Popular, FONART (1991); Premio Nacional de Artesanias de SECOFI (1993); and UNESCO Handcrafts Prize (2001).  Her work is in various museums & international exhibits.  López de Jesús died at age 74.

Source:  Martha Turok, “Artisan Profile: Florentina Lopez de Jesus,” Los Amigos del Arte Popular, 5/22/2014.  Retrieved 5/31/2020, https://www.ladap.org/artisan-profile-florentina-lopez-de-jesus/
Photo:  AlejandroLinaresGarcia, 4/7/2012.  Amuzgo woman weaving rebozo in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero.  Permissive Use.

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