John Mahiai Miller, born in Honauaula, Maui, was hānai adopted by James Kāneakua and took his name.  After graduating from the Royal school in 1877, he began studying law as a judicial clerk and was admitted to practice in 1884.  Entering Hawaii’s military, Kanekua was First Lieutenant of the Queen’s Own before leaving service in 1887.  He helped found the Kamehameha Rifle Association with Robert W. Wilcox and was a member of numerous organizations including Hui Hawaiian Aloha ʻĀina (Hawaiian Patriotic League), which opposed the annexation of Hawaii.  After the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown in January of 1893, he was part of the League’s delegation selected to present a memorial to U.S. Special Commissioner James Blount during his investigation and Report for then President, Grover Cleveland.  John helped translate the Book of Mormon from English to ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi in 1898 even though not of that faith.  He died in his home on the island of Kauaʻi on January 26, 1936.

Source:  “John Mahiʻai Kāneakua,” Peoplepill.  Retrieved 7/7/2020, Https://Peoplepill.Com/People/John-Mahiai-Kaneakua/
Photo:  Author unknown. Date: Pre-1921.  Public Domain.  Source: Siddall, John William, ed. (1921) Men of Hawaii, 2, p. 232.

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