DECEMBER 15, 1957


Born April 16, 1904, in Vicam, Sonora, Mexico, his family lived nomadically throughout the country.  Bedoya emigrated to Houston, Texas, as a teenager, but dropped out of school and performed an assortment of odd jobs.  Back in Mexico City, he subsequently found work in the struggling Mexican film industry.  Alfonso appeared in nearly 40 Mexican films between 1935 and 1947, before appearing in American movies.  His most famous role was as “Gold Hat” in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)–the smiling cutthroat who said “we don’t need no stinking badges.”  He appeared in 16 films in the U.S. over the next 9 years, several led by either Randolph Scott or Ricardo Montalban.  Bedoya died in Mexico City, 8 days after finishing filming of what would become the 1958 blockbuster, The Big Country.  

 “Alfonso Bedoya,” IMDb.  Retrieved 9/10/2020,
Photo:  Columbia Pictures, 1950.  Cropped trailor screenshot for “Fortunes of Captain Blood.”  Public Domain. 

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