DECEMBER 20, 1943


Born on May 7, 1874, in Honolulu, son of Frederick William Kahapula Beckley Sr. & Emma Kaili Metcalf (later Nakuina), he had chiefly lineages on both sides, including 2 advisors to King Kamehameha I.  Educated at Saint Louis School, Kamehameha Schools & Oahu College, Beckley, served as the last official interpreter of the Supreme Court prior to the overthrow of the Kingdom.  In 1900, he was elected to the Hawaii Territorial House of Representatives representing Maui as a member of royalist rebel Robert William Wilcox’s Home Rule Party, but later became a Republican.  Beckley rose to Vice-Speaker (1901-02) & Speaker of the House (1903-04).  He also was a reporter for the Honolulu Evening Bulletin (1902-03) and editor of The Sentinel during the same period.  After politics, Beckley served as interpreter for the Territory of Hawaii’s First Circuit Court (1906-14), taught Hawaiian history & language at McKinley High School, and was the 1st professor of Hawaiian language at the University of Hawaii in 1922. 

 George F. Nellist, “The Story of Hawaii and Its Builders,” (Honolulu Star Bulletin, Territory of Hawaii, 1925).  Retrieved 9/13/2020,
Photo:  Author unknown, circa 1900s.  Public Domain.  Source: Emma Metcalf Nakuina (1904) Hawaii, Its People, Their Legends, Honolulu: T. H. OCLC: 5356654.     

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