DECEMBER 24, 1939


Born in Orillia, Ontario (ON), his mother was of Mnjikaning First Nation.  Graduating from Western Univ. (1963), James joined the Foreign Service (1966).  Career highlights: High Commissioner–Bangladesh, Cyprus, South Africa & Australia; Ambassador–Cuba, Israel, NATO & EU; Foreign policy advisor; and Asst. Sec., Foreign & Defence policy.  As ON Lt. Gov. (2002)—ON’s 1st Native vice-regal–he focused on: discrimination; Indigenous youth education/literacy; and mental illness.  He was Chancellor, ON College of Art & Design (2007-12).  His books: Out of Muskoka (2002), Raisin Wine (2007), On Six Continents (2004); Rollercoaster (2005); As Long as the River Flows (2011); and Exceptional Circumstances (2015).  Awards include: Nat’l Aboriginal Achievement Award in Public Service (1999); Member, Order of ON (2002); Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) Golden Jubilee Medal (2002); Raisin Wine, Joseph Brant Award, ON Historical Society (2008); Officer, Order of Canada (2011); and QE2 Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012). 

Source:  Anna Zuschlag, “James K. Bartleman,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 11/26/2008.  Retrieved 9/13/2020,
Photo:  Nat (Talk), 5/18/2005.  Public Domain.  

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