NOVEMBER 11, 1963


Born in Smithers, British Columbia (B.C.), Andrew grew up in Telkwa, B.C.  In 1983, after secondary school, he entered Vancouver Vocational Institute for cook training, graduating in 1985.  In 1989, he completed his apprenticeship programs and was the head grill cook at the First Nations Restaurant, Folk Life Pavilion, Expo 86, in Vancouver.  In 1992, George was part of a 5-member team representing Canada’s First Nations in the World Culinary Olympics, Frankfurt, Germany.  From 1994-98, he was an Aboriginal Liason Officer with Canadian Ministry of Forests and taught a Native Culinary Arts Program.  In 1997, he co-authored FEAST – Canadian Native Cuisine for all Seasons, based on Wet’suwet’en traditions.  Geoge was head chef at the Four Host First Nations pavilion, 2010 Winter Olympics and part of a delegation of chefs on a U.S. State Department initiative called Culinary Diplomacy: Promoting Cultural Understanding Through Food.  His second book, Modern Native Feasts, was published in 2013.

Sources:  “Chef Andrew George Jr. reinterprets native recipes with modern healthy twist,” HuffPost, 3/25/2014.  Retrieved 8/7/2020, “Andrew George, Jr.,” Strong Nations.  Retrieved 8/7/2020, Wikipedia
Photo:  U.S. Embassy in Canada, 10/29/2012.  Possible Public Domain.  If not, then Permissive Use.  Source:  

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