NOVEMBER 21, 1921


Born near Medicine Park, Oklahoma, Chibitty, whose name meant “Holding on Good,” attended Haskell Indian School. Enlisting in the U.S. Army in January 1941, Charles joined the 4th Signal Company at Fort Benning, and trained to be a Code Talker (CT). On D-Day, Chibitty & 11 other Comanche CTs fought at Utah Beach. With the 22nd Infantry Regiment, he fought at Normandy, St. Lo, Hurtgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge, and helped rescue the “lost battalion.” His division was the 1st American unit to both liberate Paris & enter Germany. Chibitty earned 5 campaign battle stars & a Purple Heart. In 1989, France awarded the Comanche CTs the Chevalier of the National Order of Merit. In 1999, Chibitty received the Knowlton Award for outstanding intelligence work. He was also a champion boxer in the Army. After the war, Charles was a glazier in Tulsa and a champion fancy war dancer. In 2001, the Comanche CTs entered OK’s Military Hall of Fame.  Chibitty died July 20, 2005, in Tulsa-the last Comanche Code Talker.

Source:  Joe Holley, “Comanche Code Talker Charles chibitty Dies,” Washington Post, 7/26/2005.  Retrieved 3/18/2021, Comanche Code Talker Charles Chibitty Dies (
Photo:  U.S. Army, 1940-45.  Public Domain.  Source:  Charles Chibitty: Comanche Code-Talker | Article | The United States Army

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