DECEMBER 10, 1955


Mark was born near Bluf, Utah. After he ran away from a BIA boarding school due to harsh treatment, he & his brother became the 1st reservation Navajo students to attend public school in San Juan (SJ) County. With a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Utah (UofU) in 1978, Mark served as Director of Education, Utah Navajo Development Council, where he created teacher training programs & classes for teen mothers. In 1986, Maryboy became the 1st Native American elected as SJ Commissioner and served 4 terms. Since then, he has served as : Delegate, Navajo Nation Council (1990); Advisory Board, College of Social & Behavioral Science, UofU (1990); Member, U.N. Conference for Indigenous Peoples (1992); Utah Advisory Committee, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (1993); National Advisory Council on Indian Education (1994); and Utah Navajo Commission (2002). Mark co-founded Utah Navajo Health Systems (1999), formed Maryboy Management Group and, since 2019, is President, Novancio, LLC.

Sources:  “Mark Maryboy – President, Navancio, LLC,” LinkedIn.  Retrieved 6/27/2022,  Mark Maryboy - President - Navancio, LLC | LinkedIn
Photo:  Workerbee2010, 5/19/2008.  Permissive Use. 

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