DECEMBER 3, 1939


Moe, born on the island of Niihau, was raised on Oahu and learned to play the ukulele at the age of 4.   He was a beachboy, musician, singer, part-time electrician, and radio DJ, as well as an actor. With his group, the Four K’s, he started at the Waikiki Tavern (1958) and later played at the Tropical Club in Kailua-Kona. In 1964, he was with the Puka Puka Otea Tahitian Show at Queen’s Surf. His collaborations with Eddie Kamae led to Moe joining the Sons of Hawaii (1969-77). He also made 3 solo albums: South Sea Island MagicAloha Is a Part of Me, A Part of You, and Imagine. The 2nd album was a multiple nominee, finalist and winner of the Na Hoku Hanohano awards. Moe was a DJ on KCCN in the 1980s and co-owner of a spa that promoted the art of healing through lomilomi massage. Along with music, Keale had a recurring role in Hawaii Five-O and appearances in other TV series including Sanford and Son, Charlie’s Angels, The Islander and Magnum PI.  Moe died April 15, 2002, in Honolulu.

Source:  Rosemary Bernardo, "His Songs Made Him a Son of Hawaii Forever," Honolulu Star Bulletin, 4/24/2002.  Retrieved, 6/13/2022,
Photo: Jeff Kubina, 8/15/1995. Permissive Use

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