DECEMBER 9, 1531


Born in 1474 in Cuautitlán, near current-Mexico City, Juan’s Chichimec name meant “the Talking Eagle.” At age 50, Juan & his wife were among the first Indigenous people to convert to Christianity. It is said that his first vision of the Virgin Mary occurred on Tepeyac Hill. Mary, surrounded in heavenly light, spoke to him in his native language asking him to tell the bishop to build a shrine to her on the hill. The skeptical bishop demanded proof. On December 12, while seeking a priest to administer last rites to his uncle, Juan was visited by Mary again. She had him gather roses and take them to the bishop as a sign. She also told him that his uncle would recover. Juan found roses even though it was winter. Opening his cloak before the bishop, dozens of roses fell out and an image of Mary, imprinted on the inside of his cloak, became visible. The bishop ordered that a church be built on Tepeyac Hill and Juan Diego’s uncle’s health was also restored. Juan died on Tepeyac Hill on May 30, 1548. 

Source: “Saint Juan Diego,” Britannica.  Retrieved 6/15/2022, Saint Juan Diego | Facts & Story | Britannica
Engraving: Gravures publiées dans "Felicidad de México" publié, 1666-69.  Public Domain.   

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