FEBRUARY 28, 1932


FromIzalco, El Salvador, Ama was a day laborer. In 1917, he became a leader of the Pipil brotherhood Cofradía del Corpus Christi. Ama had his lands taken by the wealthy coffee planting family, the Regalados. This was in the context of liberal reforms which stripped the Indigenous population of access to their communal lands, which were then appropriated by private landowners. On January 22, 1932, Feliciano Ama led the Pipil peasants of Izalco in an uprising against the landlords. With several hundred supporters he marched to the capital of the department Sonsonate. There the mayor was killed by insurgents from Juayúa, but landlords accused Ama, who fled into the hills of Izalco. There he was found by soldiers from the garrison of Izalco, captured and hanged in the center of Izalco.

Xochitl Acevedo/Naked Cats, “Remember Jose Feliciano Ama 84 Years After His Death,” Gato Encerrado, 1/20/2016.  Retrieved 6/5/2021,  https://gatoencerrado.news/2016/01/20/recordar-a-feliciano-ama-a-84-anos-de-su-muerte/
Photo: Unknown, 1932.  Copyright holder: Cantinflash.  Permissive Use. Source:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/39707106@N02/28615050942/in/dateposted/

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