JANUARY 1, 1955


Born on the Cattaraugus Reserve, NY, April 5, 1881, his Iroquois name meant “Talking Leaves.” Arthur’s Great-uncle, Ely Parker, was military secretary to Gen. U.S. Grant. Parker studied theology at Dickinson Seminary & archaeology (arch.) at Harvard. Scientific posts: Asst. Archeologist, Amer. Museum (Mus.) of Natural History (1900-03); Field Archeologist, Peabody Mus. of Amer. Arch. & Ethnology, Harvard (1903); NY State Library (1904), Mus. (1905-24), and Mus. Advisory Council; and Dir. & Emeritus, Rochester Mus. of Arts & Sciences (1924-55). Offices: NY State Indian Commissioner (1919-22); Chair, Committee of 100, U.S. Interior Dept. (1923); and Indian Affairs consultant to Presidents T. Roosevelt through Coolidge. Parker lectured & authored over 350 books including: The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet (1913); The Constitution of the Five Nations (1916); and children’s work, Red Streak.  He also edited the journal of the Society of American Indians (1913-16). Dr. Parker died in Naples, NY. 

Sources:  "Arthur C. Parker," Famous People of the Western Southern Tier.  Retrieved 2/16/2021, STW Historical Figures/Dr. Arthur Parker (archive.org)
Rines, George Edwin, ed. (1920). "Parker, Arthur Caswell," Encyclopedia Americana . Retrieved 2/16/2021, Encyclopedia Americana. 
Photo:  Author unknown, circa 1919.  Public Domain. Source: American Indian freemasonry: Parker, Arthur Caswell, 1881-1955. 

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