JANUARY 16, 1855


Born November 1, 1838, Kamamalu was the granddaughter of Kamehameha I and sister of both Alexander Liholiho (Kamehameha IV) and Lot (Kamehameha V). Named for Queen Kamamalu, a wife of Kamehameha II, as a child she was given to John Papa Ii and his wife who acted as her royal guardians. Her mother, who died when Kamamalu was a baby, requested that her daughter receive a proper education. This led to the establishment of the Chiefs’ Children School in which she was enrolled in 1840. In April 1850, she became heir to her aunt Kaahumanu, the 1st kuhina nui (co-ruler). In 1854, when Kamehameha III died, Liholiho succeeded him and named her an heir to the throne. In January 1855, she became kuhina nui, a title she retained until 1863 when Lot, now King, made their father kuhina nui.  Kamamalu, who adopted the name Victoria, never married. She founded & was lifetime president of the Kaahumanu Society for the ill & elderly. Victoria Kamamalu died May 29, 1866, in Honolulu.

Source:  “Kamamalu, Victoria (1838-1866), Encyclopedia.com.  Retrieved 2/22/2021, Kamamalu, Victoria (1838–1866) | Encyclopedia.com.
Photo:  Original: Henry L. Chase (1831-1901), circa 1850s; retouched James J. Williams (1853-1926), circa 1860s.  Public Domain.  

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