JANUARY 18, 1900


In May 1897, the Yaqui & the Mexicans signed a treaty whereby the Yaqui abandoned their traditional lifestyle and became individual land owners. However, when General Lorenzo Torres continued to occupy Yaqui territory, Yaqui leader Tetabiate returned to raiding. In 1899, the BácumVícam Yaquis joined Tetabiate and his band about 25 miles east of Guaymas. Torres led a force of 1,000-3,000 to meet Tetabiate & about 2,000 warriors at Mazocoba. The battle may have lasted 3 hours and reports of casualties fluctuated wildly. In the end, the Yaquis retreated & the Mexicans withdrew. Torres was killed. Tetabiate was later killed by one of his own men in 1901. In 1902, under President Porfirio Diaz‘s “extermination and deportation” policy, the Yaqui, OpataPimas & Mayos were sent to plantations in Yucatan and Oaxaca. Many were dispersed across northern Mexico & into southern Arizona. By 1908, when the Yaqui finally surrendered, of a population of 30,000 Yaquis, 8-15,000 were dispossessed.  

  "MEXICAN GENERAL IS KILLED.; In Addition, 358 Men Are Killed, Wounded, or Missing in a Battle with Yaqui Indians," The New York Times. February 4, 1900. Retrieved 3/6/2021, 101048804.pdf (nytimes.com)
Map: $1lence D00600D, 10/31/2010.  Permissive use. 

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