JANUARY 24, 1951


Born on St. Peter’s Reserve near Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB), his name means “the One Who Speaks of Pictures in the Sky.” A high school valedictorian & top athlete, Calvin became: Regional Vice Pres., MB MétisFederation; Exec. Asst. to MB’s Attorney General (1971-2); and air cadet officer/instructor. Graduating from the Universities of Winnipeg (UW) (1975) & MB (UMB) law school (1979), he practiced Human Rights/Aboriginal Law & was MB Human Rights Commission counsel. In 1988, Sinclair became MB’s 1st Aboriginal judge and, in 2001, joined MB’s Court of Queen’s Bench & Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC). In 2016, Sinclair became MB’s senator focusing on Aboriginal & Indigenous Peoples, Fisheries & Ethics/Conflicts of Interest. Bars: MB, MB Provincial Judges & Indigenous. Awards: Nat’l Aboriginal Achievement (Indspire) (1994 & 2017); Mandela, Canada World Peace (2016); Tarnopolski (2017); Gandhi Prize for Peace & Meritorious Service Cross (TRC).

Source:  Michael John Simpson, “Murray Sinclair,” The Canadian Encyclopedia, 5/24/2016.  Retrieved 3/6/2021, Murray Sinclair | The Canadian Encyclopedia
Photo: Archkris, 7/1/2015.  Permissive Use. 

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