JANUARY 3, 1840


Ulumāheihei was born circa 1775.  His father helped Kamehameha I come to power.  Ulumāheihei inherited his father’s position in the King’s court.  After the 1795 Battle of Nuʻuanu, where Kamehameha conquered Oʻahu & Maui, he became known as Hoapili (“close trusted friend”) and was given charge of Oʻahu.  In 1815, he was entrusted with the care of the Queen Keōpūolani.   After the King died in 1819, Hoapili helped quell a revolt by the King’s nephew at the Battle of Kuamoʻo.  In 1823, Keōpūolani made Hoapili her only husband.  They moved to Maui where he served as Royal Governor. After Keōpūolani died that September, Hoapili married Kalākua Kaheiheimālie. This made him stepfather to Kekāuluohi (Queen Consort of 2 kings & mother of another). Later, the couple became traditional parents of Prince Lot Kapuāiwa (later Kamehameha V).  An expert in astronomy & Hawaiian mythology, he was consulted for the 1st book published on Hawaiian history. Hoapili died at Lahina, Maui.

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Painting:  Clarissa Chapman Armstrong, pre-1840. Public Domain. Source: Journal of Stephen Reynolds - Stephen Reynolds - Google Books

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